Tuesday, April 28, 2015

La La Logic (A Schoolhouse Crew Review)

In my household, my son typically is the one who likes to play electronic games.  My son discovered Minecraft on Playstation 4 about 6 months ago and it has been non stop ever since. Ashleigh on the other hand likes to use her Dreamtab to watch cartoons on Netflix. She rarely plays games at all, it’s just not her thing. However, all that changed when we were given the opportunity to review La La Logic's online  Preschool Curriculum.

Ashleigh doing La La Logic
La La Logic is an online program designed to develop crucial critical thinking skills in early childhood. Composed of 100 weeks, children ages 3-6 work first online at a weekly brain challenge and then work on various activities that are printed out and worked on offline. Each week gets progressively more difficult as the child progresses through the curriculum. Purchase of the curriculum gives parents a lifetime membership so students are not limited to only 100 weeks of using the program, they can repeat or return to previous weeks if needed without any time restraints.

The brain challenge activities usually take about 5-10 minutes and the enrichment activities take roughly 20 minutes.  The brain challenge activities are similar to the types of puzzles used by many of the top children's IQ tests. These enrichment activities cover things such as reading comprehension, sorting and event orders. Some activities also help to improve fine motor skills through cutting and gluing.  Parents are able to keep track of progress by checking off the week which marks it off the “chalkboard”.

20 Chalkboards help keep track of the 100 Weekly lessons so you don't lose track

Ashleigh is on the older side of the 3-6 year age range but that didn’t seem to bother her at all.  She asked me to set it up so that she would be able to play it anytime she wanted on her Dreamtab so I made it an approved website for her.  Weeks later, this is still her favorite thing to do during her electronics time and while most other applications on her Dreamtab have gone unused since.  She also enjoys the enrichment activities as they are a good way for the two of us to spend some one on one time together during the school day.  We had no issues with running the program on the Dreamtab table or on my computer; both ran the program flawlessly and there was no lag.

In addition to the weekly lessons, there is also an option to do the continuous brain challenge mode. This allows the child to do all the 500 activities of the weekly brain challenges at one time.  While very time consuming, it makes for a great distraction when I'm cooking dinner.   

A sample of some of the printable enrichment activities

Bright colorful graphics keep children entertained

This did not seem like school at all to Ashleigh.  She treated this curriculum as she would a very entertaining game.  The graphics for the brain challenge are bright and cheerful and the sound effects and encouraging narrations aren't too annoying ;)  The transitions between each individual activity of the brain challenge is seamless and quick loading so I didn't have to deal with Ashleigh complaining it takes too long.

What typically happened is that Ash would curl up on the couch with her Dreampad and would sit and play during her quiet time after dinner before bed, in addition to the time she and I worked together on the enrichment activities. I won't tell Ashleigh that she's actually learning critical thinking skills in the process of having fun - let her go on thinking Mom is being super nice allowing her extra video game time.

How Ashleigh typically does her La La Logic

You can try La La Logic for yourself for free by visiting their website and putting in your email address. No credit card is required for the free trial so there's no worrying about your card being charged if you decide La La Logic is not for you. Even after the free trial, if you do sign up at the $29 dollar lifetime membership and decide you are not happy with the program, La La Logic offers a full money back guarantee for the first 30 days.  Each membership tracks the progress of up to 5 children which is great for larger families or if you buy it for one child and later want to use it with another younger sibling.

Be sure to visit La La Logic on Facebook.

La La Logic Review

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