Thursday, December 4, 2014

I Should have Skipped today.. lol

In case you haven't noticed from my post yesterday, I'm kinda running on a short fuse these last few days.. For anyone who's curious, I'm normally not this irritable.. But this week has been extremely stressful and to add to it, I stopped smoking on Monday.. Cold turkey!!  I've been a smoker since 2005.. (Ironic part is, I'm a respiratory therapist and did not start smoking til I worked nite shifts in a hospital).. No Patch.. No Gum.. Nothing... So needless to say,  I'm not nice to be around this week.. LOL

Yup.. about how I feel right now.. LOL

But, even if I'm in the thralls of nicotine withdrawl, homeschooling must go on.. and so we're still working through our lessons. However, the kids do not understand irritability or addictions and so for them, its business as usual. Business as usual means making 10's that have boobies (my son thinks this is funny - Mom is not amused), 6's that have faces (again, mom is not amused) and the typical writing the wrong answer even after saying the right answer and writing said wrong answer in the wrong part of the page..  Yesterday didn't
seem this bad and at that point I was 48 hours without a smoke.. for some reason 72 hours is worse.. lol  To say there have been alot of prayers muttered under my breathe for patience and tolerance today would be an understatement.. lol

 We did manage to get through our lessons, however.. and had a pretty productive day.. We piddled around with some American Sign Language which the kids seem to be picking up pretty quick, we did some reading outloud, and we worked on some mathematics.. We did a quick science experiment.. Later we will be reading from the book "Family Funstuff Bible Stories" by God Prints for a bit of Christmas lessonwork. Somehow we are managing to accomplish stuff .. lol

The Original Artwork
Ashleigh's Artistic Interpretation
On a cute note, for Christmas I brought my husband a print of the artwork for "Le Chat Noir".. Not sure if any of yall are familiar with it, but the Chat Noir was a Caberet in Paris during the 18th Century.  Anywho, my husband has always liked the artwork and so I bought him the print and a nice frame for it for Christmas but because I really have no place to hide it til then, he got it early.. lol  Well, Ashleigh obviously likes it too, because suddenly I have doodles of the cat everywhere.. In notebooks, on cardboard boxes, ect..However, this particular one made it to my fridge..

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