Friday, January 2, 2015

First Day - January 2015

This year, I'm joining the First Day Challenge over at Journey To Josie. One the first day of every month, I will take pictures of what our day is like in order to give you a quick glimpse into our lives and what we are up to.

Since January 1st was a holiday, we're all being lazy.. Sipping coffee, being goofy, playing video games and just enjoying being a family together.. I forgot to take pictures of Breakfast and lunch but I promise to include many more pictures next time around :)

What I Do Each Morning While Sipping Coffee
Why have teenagers if you can't get them to fetch you coffee

Last Week for the Tree

All Together

Everyday for 2 Hours, this is what we see..

Hi Garrett

Listening to music on her Nabi

Being Goofy Together

Still being Goofy

Hi Lex :)

Ashleigh's Artwork of Newton

Newton is not impressed

First Sunset of 2015

Good Boy

Cornbread for Gold

New Years Dinner for Prosperity, Luck and Money


  1. that sunset is gorgeous! thanks for linking up! I love peeking in on other family's days!

    1. Hey Nicole.. Thanks for visiting.. and thanks for hosting such a fun "day in the life" linkup :)


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