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All This Time.. And I Still Can't Pee Alone...

I was reading over some of the posts from the blog I had long before I had this particular one and I had to repost this one.. Even thought this particular posting is over 2 years old, almost all of it is almost EXACTLY the same.. My son still talks to me through the bathroom wall, my youngest still won't eat apples and my oldest still (lucky for me) seems more into Anime then boys.. And I still haven't used the restroom without an audience in over 8 years now...

So for today's Throwback Thursday I present to you...

A Year Gone By.. And I Still Can't Pee Alone!!

Totally forgot that I had a blog..

You know how it is - especially if you're a mom.. I mean, seriously, there are days I am lucky if I get a single minute to myself.. Lord knows, I don't even get to pee alone without two kids (and sometimes three cats) all crowding in the bathroom to see whats going on.. Obviously, my bathroom habits are much more entertaining than Wonder Pets, Dora and Diego combined..

Maybe I should start selling tickets??

 Bath time is even more fun.. After a long day of the heathens antics, there's nothing more relaxing then drawing a hot bath...maybe some scented bubble bath...dimming the lights and lowering myself to my neck with my Kindle for an hour or so.. I deserve it, right??

My son has taken the notion that this is the time he and Mom should have a heart to heart (as much as an Autistic 6 year old can have a heart to heart.) My bathroom and his closet share a wall and so when he hears the water running, he gets read for his ambush. He climbs into his closet and it starts.

"Mommy, are you taking a bath".. "Yes son, Mommy is taking a bath.. Go to bed"...."Mommy, I love you." "I Love you too hunny, now go to bed."..... a few moments pass.. "Mommy, are you taking a bath??" "Yes baby, mommy is taking a bath, go to bed".. "Okay Mommy, I go to bed, you take a bath"..No such luck.... "Mommy, you still taking a bath?".. OOOOOH, someone shoot me please...

Time flies when mom is exhausted and sleep deprived.. haha..

All the cooking, cleaning and child rearing falls pretty much solely on my back.. The cooking and child rearing is one of those things that has to be done but sometimes, the cleaning gets put off for a bit.. People come to my house to visit and they are always amazed how clean it is considering the household of rugrats but fail to understand that we start preparing the night ahead for their visit.. On a normal day (like today) one can look over what use to be beige carpet (now stained with various shades of Kool-Aid) and see the everyday living of the kids. Puzzle pieces, blocks, books and various other toys scatter the living room floor waiting for the moment one of the kids remembers the fun they had with that particular object and decides to play with it again. And it never fails, you put everything back in its place and 5 minutes later, its exactly as it was.. Add to the fact that my husbands three telescopes take up a large portion of the room. A mom's work is never done..

We've tried to start a habit of the kids picking up their toys after they are done with them...YEAH RIGHT?? This is how it normally works: Garrett finished playing with the puzzle of the map of the United States.. All together, there are 50 pieces.. So, we tell him to pick up the pieces and put them back in the box.  He's done with it, right?? I mean, the pieces have been left on the floor for over an hour and he's resorted to playing on the computer.. Sure enough, my wonderful son is more than happy to pick up the pieces as told.. All 50 pieces find their way back into the box as asked.. Mom is so proud.....

And then the moment is gone..

"Okay hunny, great job. Now put the puzzle back on its shelf.".. NOPE, not gonna happen.. His interest is suddenly back on the puzzle and instead he dumps the entire mass back on the floor to once again assemble.. And again, once he is done, they will sit another 2 hours on the floor, until the kids go to bed and Mom picks them up and puts them on the shelf, only to begin the cycle again the next day..

I suspect that grey hairs are in my near future.. The oldest Princess of the household will be finishing 8th grade next week and will officially be a high schooler.. Now, I don't mean to toot my own horn but I gotta admit, I make some great looking offspring.. the younger princess is only 5 and will officially be starting Kindergarten next year so I have some years to worry about her, but the oldest has turned into quite the young woman.. I have a feeling sometime over the course of the summer,  I will be obtaining a couple of shotguns and a backhoe.. There's plenty of desert expanse to hide the bodies of the young boys who will be knocking on our door thinking they will be taking our daughter out..  The rule is she will be 16 before she can date..God still smiles down on me that she doesn't seem too interested in boys just yet, that anime and music videos seem to be the main focus in her life at this moment.

The final Princess is going through her obstinate phase at the moment. Terrible twos my butt.. I would take the twos and the threes any day over the "Ferocious Fives"...

Meal times are a battle... While my son loves healthy foods (and tends to snack on fruit and carrots rather than junk) my daughter will have nothing to do with anything that might have one single nutrient in it.. Fruits and veggies are the enemy. I have to wonder about this - I mean, what about a strawberry or a clementine makes my daughter clamp her mouth shut as if it contains a secret biological weapon set on her death.

 How is apple sauce safe but the actual red shiny fruit the stuff nightmares are made of. When did the Pear make a deal with the government and become the latest from of torture? . At one point, we tried to go vegan, or at least vegetarian.. We figured that if there were no other choices, the kids would get hungry enough and spoon something healthy down their gullets... After a week of watching her dinner plate remain untouched, we threw that idea to the wayside. Anyone who says kids will eat anything when they get hungry enough obviously never met my daughter. I know that if she ever were to become a POW, withholding food would NOT be her downfall.. Take away her Wonder Pets or tell her she cannot watch mom make a trip to the bathroom would dissolve her to tears.

AHHHHH.. Just another day in the Prince Kingdom..

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  1. I so get the "can't pee in privacy thing". At least my boy stops now when I tell him too.. :)

    by the by.. the double capcha is annoying...


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