Saturday, December 16, 2017

Meal Planning

It's Saturday and I am exhausted after staying up way too late last night watching the original Rocky movie with my husband, only to get up way too early to head to town to not only do the grocery shopping but also last minute Christmas shopping done for the kids.   Not only that, but we ended up going to three different placed to do grocery shopping this time around because a few places didn't have what we need (like how does a store NOT have Worcestershire sauce????).  Which means a very brief break before I had to start cooking dinner. So while the aroma of roasted pork teases my nose, I'll get this published.  I don't know about you, but I'm starving!!!  lol

Alyssa is flying to Texas for Christmas to visit family on Monday, so most of the goal for meal planning for the next two weeks is to make meals that she will not be upset that she missed out on.. LOL   Since her entire diet will mostly be fast food for the next two weeks, she will be upset with me if I made some of her favorites while she's gone.  (And I'm willing to bet she'll be checking this throughout the two weeks to see what we had for dinner each night)..

So, without much more adu,  here's the meal plan for the next 14 meals.  (Well, 13 meals, as one night we're going to In-n-Out because we're going to see Star Wars).  I'll be doing the next round of grocery shopping on the following Saturday, so Alyssa, if your reading this, let me know before then what your requests for meals when you get home will be ;)

Saturday - Pork Chops with Green beans and rice pilaf

Sunday - Samosa Pie with Mango chutney

Monday – Dad's Choice

Tuesday-   Fried Chicken, Red beans and rice, corn, salad and biscuits

Wednesday-  pancakes, bacon, eggs, and fresh fruit

Thursday-  In-N-Out (Going out to the movies)

Friday -  chicken and wild rice soup with crusty bread

Saturday-  Chicken and Dirty Rice

Sunday-  Christmas Eve Dinner - Spiral honey ham,
baked sweet potatoes, Mac and cheese, ugly beans,
rolls and salad.

Monday-   Homemade Pizza Night

Tuesday -  Grilled Chicken and Quinoa Burrito Bowls with Avocado Salsa

Wednesday - Roasted Chicken hindquarters with garlic, squash and tomatoes with salad

Thursday - Biscuits and Gravy

Friday - Broiled salmon with Thai glaze with turmeric coconut rice

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