Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Picket Project

I cannot believe that it has been more than 6 months since I found a little furball of cuteness in the middle of the road. Today, we have a full grown jackrabbit who has made herself quite comfortable in our house, roaming about freely and enjoying our company (for the most part.. lol)

Christmas preparations have been a source of interest for her lately.  I mean, come on, there's a tree in the middle of my living room.  I'm sure from the mindset of a wild animal, she has to think that tree was placed there just for her.  She's heard the phrase "Picket, don't eat Christmas" quite a bit since Thanksgiving.  She's gotten better about it as time goes on but for the first few weeks after the tree went up, she was constantly trying to nibble on it. lol

While she does enjoy the tree, she was not too thrilled when Mom came home from PetCo with a Santa dress and decided to place it on Miss Picket. 

She looked very cute in it, I have to admit.  Getting it on her to start with was surprisingly easy. I small cherry tomato to keep her occupied while I gently laid it on her back and attached the velcro on the chest and voila.

However, I believe these will be the only photos of Picket's Christmas outfit as she got smart to what that red fabric is and will have nothing to do with it now.   Maybe if I try giving her a bit of banana, she might be willing to allow me one more opportunity (She'll do anything for banana lol) but I guess I'll just be happy with the photos I did get.. lol

For the most part, Picket just runs around, coming and going as she would like.   She still occasionally jumps on my lap for a small bit of petting and she loves to give me kisses when she's in her hutch before she goes to bed at night..  Our nights are often filled with laughter when she gets a hair up her bunny bun and starts her Binky 500s through the living room, making sure she hops right in front of us, demanding our attention.

She's also found a new favorite spot.  We keep a toyboy in our dining room, which Ashleigh fills with stuffed animals.  Picket can often be found hiding in the toyboy amid all the other warm furry animals. Other times, she pulls the animals out of the box, scatters them on the floor and hops down and "plays" with them.. Playing for Picket often involves grabbing them with her mouth and tossing or rearranging them as she sees fit.

Someone asked recently me about owning a hare as a pet. They said they liked the unique looks of them as opposed to the cute fluffy rabbit and was interested in having one as well and wanted my opinion in regards to having one as a pet.  My opinion on this matter is that, in my experience, a wild creature should never be kept as a pet just for the sake of having one as a pet.  Picket has adapted well for being inside, free roaming as she wants, and she seems happy enough.  But she does let us know that she is not a pet in any way, shape or form and should never be confused with a domesticated pet rabbit.  They are no where near the same creature.  For one, hares are very temperamental and will always hold on to their wild nature.  The other day, Picket attacked my leg because she couldn't see her food and assumed I did not feed her.  They are also very  high strung.  I'm fortunate that Picket bonded with me when she was tiny, so I can pick her up relatively easy (unless she's mad at me) and put her against my chest without too much risk of injury to myself (lol) and she will usually relax and snuggle with me but this is pretty unusual for hares.  And while she will interact with the rest of my family, they cannot handle her without risk of needing a trip to the ER for stitches.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't appreciate the creature that Picket is, but as said, she's NOT a pet by any means.  She cohabitates with us, she tolerates us, and I do believe that she loves us in her own way.  She has a safe home, even when she goes "as mad as a March hare", which I know will be starting in Feb/March next year.  But I am always reminded that she is a wild animal and will always be a wild animal and cannot expect her to be anything other than what she is.  Everything else is just a bonus :)

Until Next time :)

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