Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Weekend Meal Planning (Late Edition)

I totally forgot to post the weekend meal plan on Sunday and only thought of it as I'm sitting here listening to the music of my bread machine making another wonderful loaf of bread - French today.  Yesterday I made a really nice loaf of olive oil and garlic bread to go with tomato soup. 

Nothing says home, family and love to me like the smell of baking bread.   I absolutely love my bread machine and I use it pretty regularly and my family is always excited when they hear the whirl of the paddle as it mixes up whatever dough I've decided to make that day.   It's actually my second bread machine - the first one I received in 1994 and used it until Nov of 2017.  It was getting worn out and Charles bought me a new one that was a Black Friday deal.  I hope it lasts just as long, with just as much loaves and love as the old one. 

Last week, I changed up one of the meals and we had Sesame Beef with broccoli and green bean stir-fry with rice instead of the Chicken Florentine so that's why the chicken dish is repeated.

Our menu for this week

Sunday - Burgers with potato wedges and spinach and strawberry salad

Monday - Tortellini Tomato Soup with Italian green salad and olive oil garlic bread

Tuesday -  Chicken Florentine with spaghetti and french bread

Wednesday -  Rotisserie Chicken with butter beans, turnip/mustard greens and mac and cheese

Thursday -  Tater Tot Casserole with corn and salad

Friday -   Chicken Parmesan Crescents  with broccoli and salad

Saturday -  Out to Eat

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