Wednesday, August 20, 2014

So much for a schedule...

My kids really like history and geography.. so much so that I had a revolt on my hands today. They have demanded that history is every day, not just Tuesdays and Thursdays. So it looks as if my schedule involving
Daily drill Notebook
our history lessons have been thrown out the window and we will proceed with a daily history lesson. I'm not going to complain... I would rather them demand more than to demand less.. LOL
Using manipulatives to do our math equations

After our daily routines of our reading lesson, our daily drills and our math worksheets, we decided to review our science lesson from yesterday regarding the needs of plants. I found a really cute "mini lapbook" on Teachers pay teachers for free last night and jumped for joy as I downloaded it so we worked on that.  The kids got to cut, color, glue and assemble the activity into their composition books. It was a great activity to reinforce yesterdays discussion. After that, we moved on to today's lesson regarding "What Do Animals Need" and discussed food, water, and shelter. Since the kids are use to responsibilities of helping feed and water our family dog they were able to understand that animals need to have food and water in order to live. We then compared the needs of animals to that of the plants we talked about yesterday, discussing which needs were similar and which needs were different between the two.

Interactive notebook page on plant needs

Then it was on to history, which is obviously both kids favorite subject. Today we discussed Nomads and their transition from a nomadic life to that of early farmers and settlers in the Fertile Crescent. This was mostly a review for them as we discussed this back in April and it was a fairly memorable lesson due to the story of the Nomadic girl eating lizard stew. Today proved to be just as entertaining.  The kids colored a map of the Fertile Crescent and marked the first city, Jericho on their maps, colored a picture of a shaduf and then finished with a quick activity for our lapbook of matching pictures of foods that the Nomads ate and creating a small book of it to go into their labooks.

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