Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Wrapup

Yes, that's toilet paper.. Yes, that font is brown and looks like splatters for a reason..


Because many times, we don't have the best of weeks.. We get by but there are times I want to throw my hands up in the air and give up.. Or maybe one or all of us gets sick and our week totally goes to crap.. Since those types of weeks tend to be more then the absolutely awesome ones, I felt the above graphic was perfect for our weekly wrap up representation ;)

However, with all that said, this turned out to be a really good week for everyone.

First, we've been hard at work reviewing CTC math (review coming soon) and the kids are absolutely loving it..  It takes us a bit longer to work on because they both like earning their own rewards so I let them cuddle up to me during the lessson, one at a time and we work though it.. We spent the last couple of weeks doing some of the comprehensive tests on stuff we already knew before we actually started doing full lessons. They earned their first certificate in Addition this week so they were both pretty happy about that, although Ashleigh kept goading Garrett about the fact she had a 100% and he did not.  (Garrett had one answer wrong because he accidentally hit the keyboard key too hard making the number twice).  Now we're working on Subtraction, which is basically a review for us but they don't seem to mind.

We've still be reading through the Little House on the Prairie series together.  The last two weeks we've been reading "On the Banks of Plum Creek".  We try to read roughly 3 chapters together a day.  I think once we are finished with this book, we will take a break from the series for a bit and maybe start to work though "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz".

They also had a spelling test this week and did really well..  However, I'm going to be switching spelling curriculum starting next week as I was really impressed with one of the ones that came in my bundle that I picked up during the big bundle sale.

Speaking of the bundle sale.. OMGoodness :)  Just to give you an idea of how wonderful my husband is, he allowed me to buy not one, not to, not three but 6 bundles this year..  Well, technically, I guess he allowed me to get 4 bundles, but with the B2G1 deal, I ended up with 6. I bought 5 premade bundles and then bought a Build your Own Bundle with the 10 items at $19.99 or less each which allowed me to pick up some of the items in the Boys bundle and the Charlotte Mason bundle.  I've managed to save everything both on my harddrive and on a 4 Gig thumbdrive to put away for safe keeping.. But I'll be going through this stuff for a while in order to figure out what I want to use.  The spelling curriculum and the English Lessons Through Literature will be for sure though. I'm also pretty excited about the four unit studies from Homeschool Legacy.

Alyssa finished her Sophomore year of High school yesterday. It is hard to believe that she is now considered a Junior.   Somehow she managed to pass her Algebra class (by the skin of her teeth) so thank the Lord that is done with for now.   She will be in Geometry when classes start next time around.  While next year she will still be Ssgt in JROTC, she was given a new ribbon for exceeding the required hours for volunteer work so she was very happy about that.  She's also excited that sometime in the next two weeks I will be taking her to take her written test for her drivers learning permit as she passed the classroom test and has received her certificate of completion.

Alyssa on her last week of school - channeling her Inner Harry Potter

We decided it was time to go ahead and pull our carrots up out of the garden today.  We were so amazed and how well they had grown but we had a few that were branched really bad and determined that our ground is not ideal for longer carrot varieties. We will instead plant a shorter, squatter variety next time around  However, the kids thought they tasted awesome. We got them all cleaned, pealed and canned so they will not spoil, but only after the kids ate a good half dozen of them.  Tomorrow we will be planting a pumpkin plant that we've been keeping indoors while it got bigger.  It has started making flowers so it's probably time to put it out.     The kids have some sunflower plants that they have been growing for a while now that they will be putting into a bigger pot and we have more tomato plants that will be joining the other plants in the garden :)  

That's basically our week. Not much excitement as we gear up for our family vacation to Disney World. We have two week of school before we leave for Florida so these next two weeks will be much more exciting as we make a countdown chain, hopefully decorate our magic bands and start working on gathering everything together :)

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