Saturday, April 9, 2016

V is for... Vacation!!!

It's finally starting to warm up here. Right now, it's comfortable but it will only be few more weeks before the temperatures soar into triple digits.  But it also means that it's time to start planning out our warn weather vacation plans.  

We've now been at this base for 6 years. Next year, my husband will be testing for his next rank which means that either due to our time on base or need for his rank elsewhere, there's a big possibility that we might have orders coming in the next couple of years.  Of course,it's the military so 10 years from now we could still be here but just in case, I told my husband that this summer, I wanted to visit some places here in California we haven't gotten around to going to.  You would think that being here for 6 years, we would have seen much of the state but honestly, we haven't.  I planned to change that.

The first plans that had to be made many weeks ago was Yosemite.  While it's a huge place, camping is very popular and very limited and slots fill up fast.  Luckily, we were able to find a camping space for 4 days towards the end of July (and we were lucky to find that!!).. Luckily we were able to get it reserved, so we will finally be visiting the one place I REALLY wanted to see more than anything here in California..  While the camping is about 15 miles from the valley, I'm not going to complain. 

Beautiful Yosemite Valley
Next on our list - Leo Carrillo State Beach.   We have yet to go to the beach here in California.. The opportunity just has not happened but we are going to make it happen this time.   We won't be able to camp at the beach here (camping spots are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive and we cannot justify paying as much for a piece of dirty as one would pay for a hotel room with a bed and hot water) but we're looking forwards to spending a day exploring tide pools and the caves.  But, all kids should have the experience of camping on a beach so we'll make up for not camping at Leo Carrillo by instead heading down to San Diego and camping on a much more reasonably priced at $10/night at a military only campground right on the beach.. Can't beat that, right??  And even with the whole Blackfish argument going on, we're still going to hit up Sea World.  

Garrett has been asking over and over for us to revisit the Sequoia National Forest so I have a feeling that we will be making that drive a few times between Mid-May and October.    (Can you tell we LOVE camping?? haha)..  Last time we got to see the General Grant tree (America's Christmas Tree) so this time we need to head to the opposite grove and see General Sherman tree.. We'd also like to head over to Kings Canyon this time as well.   Garrett absolutely loves being surrounded by all those large trees and is completely in his element when we are there.  He loves the sights and the sounds and the wildlife. He loves nothing more than when we go hiking and come across a cool, clean creek shallow enough that I will allow him to wide/swim in.  I can easily see Garrett growing up to become a Park Ranger or something along those lines.. Luckily, the rest of us enjoy being out in the outdoors just as much, so it's a great time for the entire family.  We just allow Garrett to think he's dictating where we're going camping lol :) 

Path of Totality
The BIG plan we are working isn't even for this summer and isn't in California either.  In August 2017, North America is going to see a total solar eclipse and my husband has declared that we will be travelling in order to be in the path of totality.  This has been in the works for a couple of years now and originally, Charles said we were going to head to Kentucky to watch. I actually looked forward to that as then I could take the kids to Washington DC and possibly Boston while we were in that side of the country. However, after our huge cross country drive to Florida, my husband has declared there is absolutely NO way he will be driving across the country just for an eclipse so plans had to be changed.  Right now, the debate is whether we will go to Wyoming or Idaho (my husband says Oregon is out of the question as he doesn't want to risk all that rain.. lol)..  Of course, now we're looking at camping at maybe Grand Teton National Park or someplace similar.  

I can't wait to be able to blog all these wonderful out door adventures and sharing it with you all.  

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