Wednesday, April 18, 2018

HelpTeaching.Com (A Homeschool Crew Review)

For the last few weeks, members of the Crew have been reviewing the Help Teaching Pro subscription from, an online-based platform for teachers that supplies printable tests, activities, lessons, and games for students of all academic levels Grades K-12.

What Is and The HelpTeaching Pro Subscription? is an online based library offering access to thousands of pre-made worksheets, activities, and tests for K-12.  The website offers a free standard membership that allows users limited access to their TestMaker application.  The Test Maker allows users to create printable tests with up to 10 questions for their students.  However, the Help Teaching Pro Subscription ($39/yr) not only gives members the ability to make much longer tests (up to 100 questions in length), it allows those tests to be administered online and can include images and diagrams, which the free membership does not.  It also allows members to search a database of pre-made questions and answers to include in their tests.

The Test Maker offers the options of multiple choice, fill in the blank, true/false style questions, and open-ended questions as well as advanced math and science equations that can be used for testing material.   This variety of question styles allows for the user to create custom tests on any variety of subjects.  If questions on a particular subject does not exist in the question library, users can create and save their own questions to be used. 

In addition, Pro membership also gives members access to a library of premade premium content covering Engish Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. More than 3000 various worksheets are available for members to use for grades K-12.  Also available is a variety of self-paced video lessons for Middle School and High School Students. 

How Did We Use It:

More than anything else, I found that the Test Maker to be a valuable tool for my family.  The curriculum that we are currently using doesn't offer weekly tests, so I liked being able to log in and create a test with questions based on the materials that we had been working on.  I was able to sit down on Thursday night, look over the materials we learned that week, and pull questions and answers based on the materials we covered.

One of our Columbus Tests
Sometimes, I was able to pull questions from the library of questions that Help Teaching Pro offered. For example, in question 6 above, I was able to easily add a question regarding the compass rose into our weekly test.

However, I found their library of questions to be fairly limited.  For example, the keywords Christopher Columbus and New World when searched for grades K-5th grades only generated 4 questions total.

Many subjects that I looked up generated little to no results and so I found it much easier to just create my own questions instead of using the library.

I didn't have much more luck with the worksheet library. I will say, they do offer a large amount of worksheets for ELA and Math, however, their other subjects lack.  For example,  the Science worksheets is very bare bones.  Earth Science is limited to 5 worksheets total.

However, we did find a pretty decent worksheet that we used for the Phases of the Moon which I was able to use to check to see if the kids understood the lesson we had done.

Overall, I think the TestMaker is a great tool and holds value, but I personally didn't get much from the worksheets or the video lessons (which are for older students).

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For more information about and the Help Teaching Pro Subscription, be sure to visit their website or click the banner below to read the Crew's reviews.  Also, can be found on the following social media sites:

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