Monday, August 10, 2020

Whats For Dinner

 I apologize for being a bit off the grid for the last few weeks.  As many of yall know, my passed a way last month.  Being the only child and the next of kin, all the responsibilities of her final expenses and accounts have fallen upon me.  This has kept me relatively busy for the last few weeks.   

On top of that, my computer finally went kaput. This created a problem as all my extra money is going towards my mother's final expenses.  I ended up financing a computer - not the most ideal solution but the easiest way to get me back onto posting.  The computer was due to be here Saturday, now it's suppose to be here Wednesday.  Better late than never I guess, but this means I have now been without a computer for nearly three weeks.  This also means that my last reviews have been lacking because all of my photographs were on the old computer. I've been relying on my phone for photographs which aren't the same.   So I apologize for that. 

 So, anyway, what have we been eating this past week?   

Sunday:  Jerk Tilapia with cucumber salsa and plantain chips

Monday:   Veggie Burger in a bowl (served on a plate.. lol) with seasoned fries

Tuesday:  Taco Tuesday with rice 

Wednesday: Eastern North Carolina style Pulled Pork Sandwiches (I totally forgot to take a pics of this, but the Instant Pot is perfect for cooking this)

Thursday:  Teriyaki Meatballs with Rice and garlic sauteed green beans

Friday:  Subway sandwiches (the hubby was craving)

Saturday:  Sriracha Chicken Ramen

Sunday:  Chicken Shawarma with taziki sauce.

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