Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Crazy Irish Limerick { July Blogging Challenge }

Today's prompt for the day says : What is your earliest memory?

I have many early memories of my life as a small child but unfortunately not many of them were happy ones.  Growing up with a single mother who struggled with both mental illness as well as alcoholism and drug use, my early days were filled with many unhappy moments.

However, I do remember during that time period staying at my grandparents house for extended periods of time.  My grandparents were extremely kind and wonderful people. My grandfather was half Irish and half Native American, with a head of full, thick jet black hair and a sense of humor that I will never forget.  My Grandfather worked in a factory in North Tonawanda, NY at that time and I remember he use to ride his bike to work every morning. On cold days, he would always wear this furry black trapper style hat.

So for my memory, I remember my Grandfather coming out of nowhere and yelling this crazy Irish limerick that was totally not appropriate for a little kid to hear but I still think it was too funny..

"Momma on the bottom, Daddy on the top, baby in the middle saying give it to her pop!" .

Yeah, like I said, not even close to being appropriate for a little kid to hear but it is one of my earliest memories and now that both my grandparents are gone, it's a memory I will always cherish.


  1. Oh Brenda, the things we remember.

    1. So true.. some of the most unexpected things are what sticks into our minds many years later.

  2. LOL; but memories of loved ones are so precious


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