Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Sad Empty Fridge { July Blogging Challenge }

Well, I'm jumping into this Challenge a bit late due to the fact I've been on vacation since last month and JUST got back home yesterday..  But I was told to jump on in, so jumping I'm doing :)

Today's prompt says :   In my fridge

Sadly, there's not a whole lot in my fridge at the moment.  We made a point leading up to our vacation to only buy what we could use before we left and then what wouldn't keep for 2 weeks went to the dump the day we left.  (Although, I totally forgot to throw out the avocado sauce I made..).  Usually, I shop for the entire week and the fridge would be stuffed full.   

Right now, hubby and I are both way too tired/lazy to go grocery shopping so we're just buying what we need per meal until I actually go shopping for the week on Monday.. Driving 36 hours and sleeping in a car for three nights tends to make you want to plant your rear end on the couch/bed and not move for days on end. 

I started off late on this challenge, so there's no reason you can't join as well..  Or, just click over to see what other people are blogging about each day of the challenge.. For details and posts, click on the button below :)

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