Monday, January 18, 2016

Verse of the Week

With the start of the new year, we decided that we wanted to try something a bit different when it came to the Bible.  So far, it has been a wonderful decision and I thought that I would start sharing some of what we are doing each week along with the verse for the week.

My oldest daughter, who is 16, has really given me a bit of attitude when it comes to time with the Bible.  This really became an issue when we were doing the study by Heidi St. John and my daughter was extremely disrespectful during it. Seems her Dad (my ex) has really put it in her mind that religion is false and unnecessary.   I wanted to change that for her but wasn't exactly sure how to approach it until I discovered the world of Bible Journaling. 

Journaling has really seemed to strike an interest with Alyssa as it taps into her creativity as well as giving her and I a set "mom and daughter" time together each night.  However, it also allows me to introduce various scripture to her and have her reflect on those scriptures as she tries to determine the best way to draw out what she's hearing.  It's also been really interesting to see how she and I differ as to what we choose to focus on with each passage or how we visually interpret the same verse.

A prime example of this was when we journaled Jeremiah 29:11-14 (NKJV from

Alyssa chose to focus on verse 14, in regards to being held captive and that the Lord will bring you back from captivity, where as I focused on verse 11..   I never paid much attention to verse 14, to be honest. By seeing what she focuses on and how she interprets the scriptures, I'm finding that I also learn as well.

Another example was journaling Matthew 28:5-6. (NKJV from

One again, I found it interesting the imagery we used to show the same verse. Alyssa focused on the angel while I chose to focus on the empty tomb.     I look forward to continuing this journaling with her and I'm hoping that it will help her develop more of a relationship with the Lord as she interprets his word for herself. 

Each week, I'll start sharing a few of the verses Alyssa and I concentrate on and allow yall to see how we each decided to interpret those verses.. I hope yall enjoy it as much as we are enjoying doing it..

Weekly Linkup

Do you blog about a particular scripture or just about Christian Fellowship each week? If so, I would love to have you join me and my friend Tasha at ABC's and Sweet Tea and link up to help spread His word.

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