Monday, March 7, 2016

S if for Shadowcast... Senior Rings.. Scorpions and Skating

As you may have noticed, I'm missing a few letters.  The last time I participated in the Blogging Through the Alphabet, it was P is for Pocket Gopher.. (Which, for those of you interested, we did release the following day and as far as I know he's doing well.. lol)..    SOOO many things have been put on the back burner these last few weeks because of the crazy schedule and pacing that is the month of February and then again in August.  These are the months my husband is on his Honor Guard rotation and means that he's gone most of the time while I'm trying to run the household, keep everything organized and still keep up with our studies alone.   Halfway through the month, I'm absolutely ran ragged.   So originally, I thought about writing "S if for Slowing Down", after all, it was fitting now that things are back to something that resembles normal.

However, we did something very exciting last week and it also fits with  "S if for" theme as well.   

Last week, we ordered Alyssa's Senior ring.

I have been out of school now for 20 years and the one regret I have is that I never ordered a class ring.  My life circumstances left me an emancipated minor during my Junior year of high school and at that time, it wasn't a priority considering everything else I was dealing with in my life.  I didn't want Alyssa to have the same regrets.   $360 bucks later and probably the most expensive part of her Senior year is ordered and should be in her possession in 6 weeks. 

Which brings us to the second part of the "S is for".. Shadowcast....   Alyssa decided rather than selecting a traditional ring with the black antiquing, she wanted the darker metal known as Shadowcast.  A bit more expensive but her father and I both agreed we liked it and agreed to each pay the extra to get what she wanted..   As her school colors are Purple and black, it made for a nice combination.

S is for Scorpions.  Her school mascot.   She elected to have the Scorpion put on the one side of her ring and then her JROTC emblem on the opposite side.   JROTC has been the biggest accomplishment she has made in school - currently she's a 2nd Lt  as a Junior.  Her other extra curricular has been Robotics but she decided JROTC is what she is most proud of.  

It's hard for me to believe my baby is going to be a Senior next year.   Seems like only yesterday she was learning how to ice skate and had dreams of being a figure skater.     

Maybe I should add one more word to the list.... "S is for Sad".. As this Momma is going to be very sad to see her first baby spreading her wings and going out into the world in one more year :(

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  1. I had not even thought about a class ring! Guess I should discuss that with my daughter! LOL!

    1. The only reason I even thought about it was because they came to Alyssa's school.. Prior to that, I hadn't given it any thought at all. Then they mentioned "senior packages" in September and all I'm seeing is the $$'s.. lol

  2. When they become a Senior it's definitely bittersweet. I cried a lot with Baylie especially with her being the first. :(


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