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FishFlix.com: My Son My Savior (A Schoolhouse Crew Review)

In today's entertainment world, it's very hard to find a family friendly movie that is appropriate for all ages that doesn't contain questionable materials.  There are so many movies that have great premises but contain unneeded sex scenes or profanity that do not contribute to the movie content at all but just seem to be there because society says it should be.

The Birth of Jesus - My Son, My Savior
Luckily there are companies like FishFlix.com who sell movies that either have this type of content removed or never had questionable content to begin with.  I had the opportunity to review the movie My Son, My Savior  on DVD in time for Easter and it was a wonderful viewing experience for the entire family.

About FishFlix

FishFlix.com is an online retailer who specializes in Christian and Inspirational movies. Their goal isto provide quality Christian entertainment that can be watched by families without the worries of questionable content or ideas/beliefs that disagree with those who follow Christ.  The company was started over a decade ago by Turkish Christian Dr. Enis Sakirgil who original wanted Christians in the West to know about the Biblical histories of Turkey. Since those origins,FishFlix.com has evolved into selling more mainstream Christian movies.

About My Son, My Savior

When we think about the ministry of Jesus, most people do not give much thought about Mary after the Christmas story.  Yet throughout history, only Mary had the privilege to call Jesus her son. She probably grew up hearing of the coming Messiah, learning the Old Testament prophecies that spoke of him and how he would deliver them from sin.  Then she had to watch him make the ultimate sacrifice as he gave his life on the cross for the sins of mankind.   

My Son, My Savior is a 42 minute feature film released in 2015 that portrays the life of Mary from the visitation of the angel announcing the coming Messiah to the crucifixion and her point of view of being the mother of Jesus.  Written by Janis Lonnquist and directed by Steve Boettcher, My Son My Savior  stars Corrina Crade as Mary,   Neil Vanides as the apostle John, and Bruce Marchiano as Jesus. 

A great tool for small group studies and church groups, the purchase of the DVD also comes with access to a 4 session bible study and small group study guide that can be downloaded from a website. 

What We Thought

Christian or Inspirational Movies are always a hit or a miss as far as quality. Unfortunately, in the past, it has not been a popular genre of movies and so many titles are DVD release only and never see theater time.  This also means many of these titles are very low budget with grainy filming and bad scripting.

Bruce Marchiano's protrayal of Jesus
Luckily, with the recently popularity of Inspirational genre lately, more quality movies are being made.  My Son, My Savior falls in somewhere in between.  While most of the acting cast were unknown to me, I was very familiar with Bruce Marchiano who has portrayed Jesus in many other files such as "The Encounter" and "Apostle Peter and the Last Supper".   I really enjoy Marchiano's portrayals of Jesus as he has a demeanor and a kindness to his eyes that one can only imagine would be much the same that our Lord would have also had.

The settings are beautiful and one can one travel back to ancient Bethlehem and Jerusalem and imaging walking where Jesus walked or feel like one is watching the Savior as he teaches.

While this movie does depict the Crucifixion, it is not nearly as graphic to watch as other movies. Some Biblical truths are left out, such as the striking of the sun, the ripping of the veil and the destruction of the temple, but the focus of this movie is more about Mary's heartbreak then it is about the crucifixion.  

With the additional material such as the downloadable Bible study and Small Group Study guides, this movie is perfect for both a family worship study or in a church setting.   I would also recommend it just for a casual watch with the family when wanting something that is not as heartbreaking as "The Passion of the Christ" but still able to remind us of his sacrifice.

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Members of the Crew got to review not only My Son, My Savior but also other popular movies such as War Room, Woodlawn, and Captive as well as children movies such as Owlegories and Superbook.  Over all, FishFlix.com was generous and offered the Crew ten different titles to review.  Be sure to click the banner below for other wonderful movie reviews. 

FishFlix.com Review

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