Thursday, September 22, 2016

Favorite Places to Shop (52 Lists)

OOhhh Goodness!!!   Shopping!!!   I love to shop.  This list should actually be entitled "Favorite Places to spend all my husbands paycheck" because basically, that's what it means ;)    Sad thing is, as much as I like to shop, I tend to spend the money on everyone else in the household and rarely buy anything for myself.

For this weeks 52 Lists Blog hop, we were asked to list our favorite places to shop.   Unfortunately, with us living so far away from civilization, much of my shopping occurs online.

52 lists with Chasing Slow

  • Amazon!!! ( I don't want to know how much I've given them.. lol)
  •  (I actually get alot of homeschool resources from here)
  • Family Christian (we have one in town that I like to go to)
  • Aldi
  • Trader Joe's
  • Petsmart
  • Michael's
  • Joann's fabrics (especially when patterns are on sale for 99 cents)
  • Bev-mo  (I love all their weird sodas but best of all I can get Cheerwine!!!!)
One place I REALLY miss is Hobby Lobby.  There's not one anywhere around here and I LOVE Hobby Lobby.. 

Do you have your own favorite shopping spots?  Click on the 52 lists banner and you can link up your own list :)  


  1. I shop Hobby Lobby on-line. We don't have much close to us either and their selection of crafts just can't be beat!

    1. I love their holiday stuff, always such a selection and sooooo cheap..

  2. I like Hobby Lobby, too, but it's quite far away from me. Nice to meet another Trader Joe's shopper. I like their Orange Chicken & dare I say their yummy dark chocolate & caramel.

    Fun list :)

    1. WE're addicted to the Dill Pickle Popcorn.. OOHHH it's soo good :)


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