Thursday, September 29, 2016

What Am I Reading? (September Edition)

Ben-Hur  by Carol Wallace

I was pretty excited to receive this book, and while it in itself is really good, I guess I didn't think it
was going to be only based on the original.  This version was written by a relative of original writer Lewis Wallace and unfortunately, she pretty much gutted the story.  The original is a very vivid and richer story while this is a condenses version which many of the things that made the original so great gone.  This might be great for those who have been intimidated by the length of the original and want to read the story but for those of us who enjoyed the depth of Lewis's version, it comes up flat.

That's not to say this isn't worth reading. It is. Again, if someone is intimidated by the length of the original but wants the just of the story, this would be great for them.  The just of the original story is contained in this book and you won't feel cheated out of a good read.  But I wouldn't recommend this version for anyone who is a fan of the Lewis Wallace version.  It lacks the sparkle of the original story teller.

Mommy Needs A Raise (Because Quitting Isn't an Option) by Sarah Parshall Perry.

I've read a previous book by Mrs Perry and found it disappointing but I thought maybe this book would be a bit better.  This time around, the book was engaging and funny, however, Mrs Perry's writing is very scattered and all over the place.  It was a bit hard to follow what she was talking about as she jumps from one topic to another without any tie in to what she was previously writing about.

The book does have moments that are very encouraging towards mothers of all walks of life.  However, there were moments that were a basic rehash of her previous book, talking more about herself and what she was prior to becoming a mom, the sacrifices that she made and how hard it has been on her.  My opinion is that this is her "pat on the back" volume two.  I do not believe I will be reading any more books by Mrs Perry in the future as I just can't relate to her.

Honor Redeemed (Keys to Promise Book #2) by Christine Johnson

Christine Johnson is a new author to me and I am always looking forward to trying new Christian
authors.  This book was a great read and I really enjoyed it.

This book is about Prosperity Jones, a young woman who waited patiently for her betrothed to send for her and marry her after he left her behind in Nantucket Island to make his life in Key West with the US Army.  Two years later, after the loss of her mother to a long term illness, Prosperity heads south to join David, knowing in her heart now that she has no family left, he will finally marry her. Instead she finds him already married to another.  With no where to go and no family to turn to, Prosperity finds employment at a hospital where she meets a kind doctor.  Her life takes an unexpected turn when David's wife develops complications in childbirth, leaving Prosperity in a situation where she must overcome her feelings of hurt and betrayal.

This book had some great character development and Johnson is a great writer.  There are moments this book does move a bit slow but readers will be rewarded if they follow it though at the end.  This is a story of forgiveness.  There are times you will not like Prosperity very much, but at the end, you will see her turn around.

Unashamed:Drop the Baggage, Pick up Your Freedom, Fulfill Your Destiny by Christine Caine

I really enjoy listening to Christine Caine speaking at conventions so I was really excited to read this new release by her.  I hadn't read any of her books prior.

We've all had life experiences and have made choices that have left us ashamed.  Maybe the way we parent, choices we've made in our marriage, or even things we did as a teenager all weigh heavy on our heart.  This guilt can have unexpected consequences on our lives and Caine tackles the many aspects of our lives where this guilt and shame can take hold.  She then provides the reader with the way in which we can release that pain and guilt, reminding us that one of Jesus's reasons for the cross was to take that pain and shame off of us and take it upon himself. She shares her own journey through life, showing us that we are not alone.

I really enjoy personal books like this, especially when it's in regards to someone that I look up to spiritually.  It shows me that even those that I view as secure in the Lord and their faith have moments of doubt and question deserving salvation because of what's in their hearts.  This is a great read.  There's also a workbook that accompanies the book which I eventually would like to purchase and work though along with the book.

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