Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

May is almost upon us and for my Senior girl, that means Graduation is only weeks away. But first, that means PROM is right around the corner.

As an early graduation present, my husband and I gifted Alyssa with a new formal dress to wear to her prom.  We're a military household which means that formal dresses are a bit different that in some other households - many dresses today are low cut, backless, strapless, and have slits up the thighs. However, rules of etiquette in the military community say that a formal dress can have one of these things, but not all of them.  We abide by these rules (honestly, we LIKE these rules) and so when shopping for a dress for our daughter, we opted for a strapless dress with full coverage in the front, back and sides.

Alyssa loved it and it was a wonderful surprise for her as she thought she was going to wear one of her older dresses.

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