Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Weekly Wrapup

Summer is officially over for the kids and they are back in school full time now.  Monday marked day 1 of our new school year.

For this year, the kids have a full load.  Both kids are starting the day with using "A Gentle Feast" - Cycle 1 Morning time, followed with Apologia General Science,  CTC Math, and Mammoth Math Grade 5, IEW's Fix-It-Grammar: The Nose Tree, and American History: Columbus to 1914 for their core courses.  We are also currently using the Little House on the Prairie Literature study from Progeny Press for these first few weeks of class.  We are also using several supplements - Elephant Learning ( an upcoming review item) and nature studies using the Handbook of Nature Study.

Individually, the kids both have their own electives and instrument lessons.  For foreign language, Garrett is using Elementary Greek 1 from Memoria Press while Ashleigh is continuing with Latina Christiana , also from Memoria Press.  Garrett has requested Introduction to Architecture for his elective, Ashleigh has begin with Introduction to Photography.  Ashleigh is also using drawing lessons from Creating a Masterpiece and Renaissance art history using HIGASFY (both upcoming review items). Finally, starting next week, Garrett has chosen to continue with Violin lessons while Ashleigh is starting with the piano. Both will be using the Suzuki method and are beginning with the Twinkle Twinkle variations. 

One thing different is for this year is that we have moved to the kitchen table to do our lessons.  Why it's taken us this long, I don't honestly know, maybe because when we started schooling they were so small and had to actually sit on the table to do anything.. So we always just did lessons in the living room.  I'm glad to move to the dining room

Experiment regarding buoyancy of an egg in salt water. 

Garrett working on his first Greek Lesson

Listening to Music with Soundsory (another upcoming review item)
Working on questions from Little House on the Prairie 

Thank goodness Picket can not understand what we are reading!!!!

In addition to starting school for the year, the girls also started AWANA for the year.  Alyssa is once again going to be a leader for the Sparks while Ashleigh is in T&T again.  

Until next week :)

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