Sunday, September 1, 2019

Weekend Meal Planning

Wow, welcome to September.  Hard to believe that we are in the last quarter of 2019.   Unfortunately, this week, I will be bringing my husband yet again to the airport for him to go TDY for another month.  I will ask for prayers for him this time, as he will be flying right into what I hope is the aftermath (and not the actual storm) of Hurricane Dorian.  He will be in Virginia for a month doing more classes..  Hopefully, this will be the end of his TDY's for a while.

This week also starts the official first day of school for the kids..  I'll be adding much more weekly updates as we will be doing TONS this year - from photography and architecture, violin and piano, Latin and Greek, and all things in between, the kids have a full course load this year..  I will also be adding Alyssa as a pinch hitter for me - she will be preparing lunches and teaching a few classes each day.

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