Saturday, September 28, 2019

Weekly Wrapup

It's been a difficult week for us but we've managed to get our most of our lessons done and lots of learning has been taking place in the Prince household.. 

This week for morning work, we have been reading Norse mythology and Rush Revere and the First Patriots as well as our morning Bible reading.   We also discussed and interpreted Sonnet 19 together and listened to a piece composed by Henry Purcell.

In language arts, we have continued with our literature study of Little House on the Prairie as well as worked on Week 2 of Fix It Grammar.  This week, the kids learned to identify articles (the, an, a) although this was basically a review for them.

 Garrett has been learning to play Chess (this is a review that we will be revealing very soon).. He absolutely loves it and has asked me multiple times to play.  He's quickly picking up the moves and I have no doubt he will be beyond my own knowledge of the game very quickly. .lol

Math lessons at the table..   This week we were working with place value, decimals and whole numbers.  The kids were able to each do one session of their online math.

And science with Apologia..   This week they focused on learning about using graphs to show their experiment results.

We started American history this year, so in addition to the text we are using, we are also supplementing.   We have added episodes of Liberty Kids as well as began reading Rush Revere and the First Patriots.  I've been pulling questions to use with both of these resources to use with the kids.

In addition to Liberty Kids, we also worked on Chapter 4 of our text book - How Jamestown was Settled where we discussed James I of England was originally James VI  King of Scotland who was cousin to Queen Elizabeth and that the entire area was named Virginia for Elizabeth who was known as "The Virgin Queen".   We also discussed the ships that brought the Jamestown settlers to the Americas (The Susan Constant, God Speed, and Discovery), Chief Pohawtan, Pocahontas, and John Smith (and why he wasn't the nicest of guys, especially towards Chief Pohawtan).

In Greek, Garrett has started Week Three, which has him beginning to actually learn vocabulary and begin his memory scripture.  For the next three weeks, he will be memorizing John 1:1 (In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.).  For each week, he will learn a line of the verse in addition to five vocabulary words.  

As I do not know Greek, I am learning right beside Garrett. So, in order to make sure I am teaching him properly, I have to write down the pronunciation. I do the same thing to help Ashleigh with her Latin - LOL   If/When I sell the teacher's guide for his Greek curriculum, someone will have my cliffnotes. 

Garrett's  vocabulary for the week.   We are working with Verbs (as well as verb endings)  this week. We have I hear, I see,  I have/hold, I loose or destroy, and I believe.

Ashleigh has been repeating lessons in her Latina Christiana curriculum in order to refresh her memory of the work she had already done before moving on.  This week she retackled Lesson 3 which had her reviewing the 1st Declension of nouns as well as continuing to work on memorization of the Table Blessing.

Yet Another game of Chess

Garrett has started back up with his violin, practicing with it daily..  This week, he mostly worked on correct bow placement on the A and E string.  Next week he will begin working up the scale.

We did VERY little of anything internet related this week, as we were having almost constant issues with the internet (as well as our phone service thru the same company)..  After a few different visits from the technician and a number of equipment exchanges, we finally got up and running on Friday. It was the weirdest thing - we could only get to websites run by Google and Facebook but could not access any other websites.   So, our CTC Math, art curriculum, piano curriculum and a few math programs we are reviewing did not happen.. Fingers crossed that the problem is fixed and we will be good to go.

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