Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Beginner's Bible ( A Homeschool Crew Review)

It's a new year both on the calendar as well as for the Homeschool Review Crew and I am so excited to bring you the very first review of the year.  Over the holidays, I have the opportunity to review the brand spanking new edition of The Beginner's Bible from Zonderkidz (the children's division of parent company Zondervan).

Many families are familiar with The Beginner's Bible series.  With more than 25 million copies sold, the Beginner's Bible series is the best selling Bible storybook for children.  Originally published in 1989, The Beginner's Bible is known for their kid friendly illustrations and has been used by families both as a read aloud story book or as a first Bible for young emergent readers.

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the release of this popular series, Zonderkidz released this new edition with newly updated images to give The Beginner's Bible a "facelift" while keeping true to the basic formula that has made the Beginner's Bible what it is.  The original text remains the same and included more than 90 well loved Bible stories from the Creation to the Second Advent, each with full colored illustrations.

A helpful Table of Contents is located at the beginning of the book, breaking down the stories into those located in the Old Testament and those located in the New Testament along with the page number the story can be located at in the book.  Stories are also arranged in the way in which they would be found in the Bible, helping children become familiar with the structure of the Bible itself.  Each story also includes a notation letting students (and parents) know where in the Bible the original story can be found.

At the end of the Beginner's Bible is a small dictionary (3 pages) that give definitions for words that smaller children might not understand.  I never understood the importance of having a small dictionary for words such as "baptize", "commandments" and "Pentecost" until recently when Ashleigh started scripture memorization with Awana and now that I know how useful it can be, I was very happy to see one included in this storybook.

Finally, Zonderkidz gives parents the opportunity to take learning the Bible beyond the pages of The Beginner's Bible and offers parents a website chocked full of resources and printables to help make learning the Bible fun.  Kids aged 6 and under will enjoy coloring their own stickers and bookmarks, drawing their own rendition of Jesus's Resurrection, or doing simple activities like circling which picture is bigger with the David and Goliath.

One of the things I really like in regards to The Beginner's Bible is that as children become familiar with the fun, colorful characters but outgrow the targeted age group of the storybook, Zonderkidz offers various selections that meet their ongoing spiritual needs.  We've used The Beginner's Bible in our household back when all three kids were still in diapers and Ashleigh currently uses the full text NIrV The Beginner's Bible for her daily reading and scripture memorization as well as Zonderkidz Kid Sized Devotions.

For more information on Zonderkidz and The Beginner's Bible, be sure to visit their website. Or feel free to visit them on any of the following social media pages:

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The Beginner's Bible {Zonderkidz}

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