Wednesday, January 3, 2018

One Word for 2018

A new calendar hangs on the wall (a freebie from the SPCA) and the 2017 planner has been put away and the new one started... Auld Lang Syne has been sung and the ball in NY has been dropped.  Another year has come and that means another year of making resolutions and promises we have every good intention of keeping...

 I personally don't make resolutions.  To me, it sets the new year up for failure when a week later, that resolution has fallen by the wayside.  But I do like picking a word to represent goals that I would like to achieve through the entire year.

For example, last year, I selected the word "Life". To me, that word represented getting more active, eating better, and trading healthier habits for the less than optimal habits that I had picked up over the years. While I am still not quite as active as I would like to be, I have given up drinking tons of sugary drinks and instead drink more water and both myself and my husband have stopped smoking completely. We also took the opportunity to experience "once in a lifetime" events, such as traveling up to Oregon to see the total solar eclipse.

This year, for 2018, we have selected the "Positivity" to represent what we would like to work on.  This is a combined word for both my husband and myself.  My husband tends to fall into a post-holiday depression between January 2nd until roughly April- May and he would like to try to view this stretch of time in a bit more positive light.  For me, I tend to be very cynical regarding people and situations. I find that I think everyone is "out to get me", that "nobody likes me" or that I am generally just a person who nobody cares to be around.  I always think the absolute worst about myself and assume that others do as well. This results in lots of hurt feelings that are imaginary and completely self-fabricated.

For my husband, I'll be posting inspirational messages as well as affirmations to our mirror for him to focus on first thing each morning.   We will also be trying to start a few new yearly traditions for him look forward to from Feb-April in the hopes to beat those post-holiday doldrums.

For myself, I will focus on working out, taking better care of myself overall, and trying to think better of myself.  I will also be focusing more on the Scriptures to help encourage me to be what I think is a better person.

Let's see what we can achieve in 2018 :)

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