Thursday, May 23, 2019

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Over the last few weeks, Ashleigh and Garrett have been working on their typing and math skills using Typing Tournament Online and Maths Invaders Online, two browser based programs from EdAlive.

Typing Tournament Online

Typing Tournament online is a browser based ten-finger typing course for ages 6 and up.  Using a medieval theme, the program progressively introduces the student to properly using the entire keyboard as they advance through 128 lessons.  Each lesson level includes various games and drills that help the student develop muscle memory between their eyes and their fingers. As they progress thru the map, they earn certificates and badges as their typing skills improve.

Each section of the map is pretty straight forward.  The student must complete the current section, including a speed/accuracy test before being able to move on to the next section.  Each level builds upon each other - in Level 1, students learn the home keys that are typed with the left hand,  section 2 the student learns the home keys controlled by the right hand, ect.  Typing proficiency is achieved over the course of 16 levels.

The lessons themselves are straight forward.  Students start with the instructional lesson, practice drills and a few fun games to help the student build the skills needed to pass the test with a high enough proficiency to meet the set word per minute goal.

Ashleigh working with Typing Tournament Online

Ashleigh has struggled a big with the typing.  It took her a bit of typing to pass the test for Level 1, which was a bit frustrating for her.   Partly because she did not realize that once she made an error and the letter turned red, she could hit the backspace button to correct the error.

We saw this screen a number of times 
She did eventually pass the first test.  Once students pass the speed/accuracy test, they are given a certificate that they can print out.  

Maths Invaders Online

Without a doubt, the Maths Invaders Online program was a real hit with the kids.  This program is also browser based math program that uses a spaceship blaster theme to engage students to practice their math skills.   Designed for ages 5 and up, Maths Invaders Online helps students to practice skills with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, percentages, square roots, powers and more.  

There are three options that students can select from.  

First is the Galactic Campaign  which players must shoot math invaders down before they descend upon  the players space ship.  Using the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to move across the screen, students answer math problems by typing the answer and then hitting the space bar (enter key works as well) to shoot down the invader.  If the answer is correct, the problem explodes.  Bonus questions also cross from left to right across the top of the screen - students can try to play their answer shots to get these bonuses.  Students continue this process until they completely defeat the wave of the invaders.  

The second option is the Space Rescue.  This is a multiplayer game where the player competes against three other students currently playing as well. This game works very similar to a digital battleship. There is occasionally a wait while players are paired together to start a game.  We did not play the Space Rescue portion beyond testing to see how it worked.

The final section is the Practice section, which works much the same as the Math Invaders portion but doesn't advance as the student clears each wave of invasion.  Students can select a particular skill to practice in this section.  This has come in especially useful for Garrett who needs extra practice with his times tables.  I can either select for him to work on one particular table (for example, x3s which he struggles with) or I can have it give him multiple/all skills.

In addition to the online program, the Maths Invaders site also has a worksheet generator. Parents can select what skills they would like their students to work.  These can be printed out and used away from the computer.

Both kids have really enjoyed using Math Invaders.  However, we started at the very beginning of the campaign, which started with very easy addition and subtraction problems.  I recently learned that students can skip further into the campaign to more advanced skills.  With this knowledge, the kids are now able to work on their times tables for extra practice.

For more information about both Typing Tournament Online and Math Invaders Online, as well as other programs offered by EdAlive, be sure to visit their website.  You can also find them on the following social media programs.

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