Sunday, December 22, 2019

Candyland Adventures

We are days away from Christmas and I figured it was a good time to update on our newer additions to our family - Caramel and Licorice.

Both of these two have settled in well and have made themselves right at home.   Bonding between the two seemed to happen almost instantly and after roughly a week, the two have been housed together and are practically inseparable.

The two of them couldn't be any different from each other yet compliment each other so well.  Caramel is a little bundle of energy and joy, happy to be around everyone but never sitting still for very long.  Licky on the other hand, is a bit more reserved and is a huge ball of love, enjoying nothing more than to just lay down beside you and get attention.  She loves to give kisses and enjoys being pet and rubbed but does not like to be picked up at all.  Caramel will allow you to pick him up for a few moments and cuddle before he wants down to run around some more.

Licky keeping me company while I do my morning Bible study in bed.

We did have a bit of a scare with Licky this past week however.  As a result, she got the opportunity to meet her vet, Dr Stone earlier than we would have wanted.  Licky has an issue with cats - I don't know if something happened to her prior to our adopting her, but she does have some animosity towards the feline variety. As a result (instigated by Licky), Keikie scratched Licky on the eye.  So, a vet visit, antibiotics and pain meds were necessary.   Licky did great at the vet and hopefully she has learned not to corner cats.

Lil guy loves just being everywhere.. Anticipating this, we bought a small pen to keep him out of the Christmas tree and presents.  However, he has learned how to jump over the pen.   Next year, I will have to make sure I make the the fencing double height.

Inside the pen for the Christmas tree

Kenny hasn't been especially keen on the rabbits being included in our home, mostly because it takes my attention away from him.. lol 

Our First Christmas in our new Home

And finally, a message directly from Licky:  Advice to all my other bunny followers.. The big male humans might seem scary, but it doesn't take much to wrap them around your paw.. A simple grooming session will guarantee they buy you an abundance of treats and treasures.

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  1. Congratulations on your beautiful new bunny babies! 😄 They are just delightful.


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