Monday, January 27, 2020

What's For Dinner

Another week.. Can you believe we are almost done with January - ALREADY????  It's like woooooah, slow down there.  I remember being a small kid and thinking summer break and then Christmas would never arrive , or counting the days down til my birthday and it taking forever.. Now, it's like I add a higher number to my age or start shopping for Christmas almost back to back.

Speaking of age, I turn 44 this week (tomorrow to be exact).   Where does the time go?  I'll be celebrating at Bible Study tomorrow with a great group of women (although I am NOT telling them it's my birthday.. lol)

Tonight, I'll be attending a Farewell dinner for two very wonderful women, Christina and Jessica.  Sadly, one of the realities of military life is that you make friends and then you go elsewhere.  Christina will be heading to Oklahoma and Jessica is heading to Kentucky, so we wanted to get together and celebrate them before they go.  That means Pizza for Charles and the kids, while Mom has Chili's lol

Wednesday is the monthly Strong Family dinner.  This is something put on by the Chapel every month to provide both a meal and to help build fellowship with others on base.  (And I will tell you, it works - these dinners are what brought me out of the house and more involved in the base community).  I think this month, they are catering Mexican food, which is always a huge hit with my family ;)   

Because this week is going to be so busy, I switched last weeks menu around and ended up making alot of the meals I planned for this week instead...     That allowed me to save the less time consuming meals for this week. 

Sunday-  Lasagna Soup

Monday - Pizza for kids (Mom's at a Going away dinner for friends)

Tuesday - Beer Simmered Brats with peppers / onions / German potato salad

Wednesday -  Strong Family Dinner at the Community Center

Thursday - Baked Potato Bar night - Taco Potatoes

Friday - Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells with salad

Saturday -  Mom's Choice for Dinner Out for her Birthday ;)

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  1. I'm sorry you had to say good-bye to friends. It's hard! And also...lasagna soup? Why have I not heard of this? Sounds delicious!



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