Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Young Scientist Biology (A Homeschool Crew Review)

 Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

If there's one subject that my kids are always excited about learning about, it would be Science.  The kids have been begging me to start Biology with them and while we have the course work ready, I didn't think they were ready for a high school level course.  So when we were given the opportunity to review Young Scientist Biology, one of the Self-paced 4th-7th grade one-semester classes offered by Greg Landry's Homeschool Science, I thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce the kids to the material without overwhelming them with a high school course. For this review, we were given 12 months access to the course to use with our family. 

 Young Scientist Biology is a faith worldview,  self-paced online class that enables students to work at their own pace while still receiving active teaching. Students can see and hear the instructor, Greg Landry, while he teaches teaching as well as view what he is writing on the virtual whiteboard, pointing to graphics, etc. The class also includes the class study guide in PDF format that the student can print out and follow along.This study guide also contains the assignments for the course work to be filled out during/after the lesson. 

 Course tuition allows for one family (may be used by any students in your family) for one self-paced (recorded) online full semester course
for the entire homeschool year . For this course, 13 recorded classes average 20-30 minutes each and can be used at you's students pace during the school year and are taught by Greg Landry, a 20-year veteran homeschool dad and former college professor.


The Biology course covers topics such as the scientific method, measurement, the cell, mitosis, organelles, membranes, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, DNA, genetics, plants, animals, taxonomy, God's creation. 

In addition to a course introduction, the 13 classes include:

-- Class #1 - Note-Taking, Studying, & Test-Taking
-- Class #2 - Metric System, Temperature, Precision, & Accuracy
-- Class #3 - Scientific Method & Lab Reports
-- Class #4 - The Cell & Organelles
-- Class #5 - Diffusion & Osmosis
-- Class #6 - Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration
-- Class #7 - Mitosis, Budding, & Binary Fission
-- Class #8 - Creation & Evolution
-- Class #9 - Classification of Living Organisms
-- Class #10 - Kingdom Plantae
-- Class #11 - Kingdom Animalia
-- Class #12 - Microbiology
-- Class #13 - Human Biology

For our review, I had Ashleigh sit down and work thru a few of the courses.. This gave me a good idea as to how the material was presented, how in depth the material was, and how the classes worked. 

For the current review, we are just watching the videos. However, after what we've seen so far, I really do like the idea of using this curriculum with both kids for their science course this upcoming school year.

The four part PDF student guide contains all the worksheets that the student needs for the program. These worksheets include diagram labeling, fill in the blank questions, and copies of all the tables that were presented in the video lesson.  Students use the student guide while following along with the lesson and to complete the worksheets following the lesson to make sure they have a good understanding of the material.


While we haven't done them yet simply because I need to gather the materials (I'm still in unpacking mode and a ton of my science equipment is still in boxes in the garage), I really like how the PDF study guide also includes step by step labs for the student to complete (and then write lab reports).  


So far, Ashleigh has found the material interesting and easy to understand.  She's not to thrilled with the idea of writing lab reports, which I am holding off til they officially start school, but she's enjoying the videos and the instruction.


I'm really looking forward to adding this curriculum full time to our homeschool for both Garrett and Ashleigh.  I think its a perfect tie in to the High School biology course I want to use for 9th grade.  While the course is designed for 4th thru 7th, I think it will be a perfect fit for my 8th graders and will develop a nice foundation to prepare them for the high school course.

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