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Progeny Press (A Homeschool Crew Review)

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One review we always look forward to is the literary study guides from Progeny Press because they always help the kids think more about the stories they are reading.  For the last few weeks, the kids have been reading Redwall  and using the Redwall Study Guide to dive deeper into the story. 

For this review, we were given two study guides - the Redwall Study Guide as well as the Cricket in Times Square Study Guide.  While we have only had the time to go in depth using the Redwall guide, both of these guides follow the same format and we look forward to using the Cricket in Times Square study guide once we are finished with the first study.

Progeny Press is a publishing company who offers E-guides for literature with a Christian perspective. Offering guides for reading levels from early elementary through high school, each of the Progeny Press guides are designed to help students to better understand the story they are reading as well as to recognize the themes presented by the author. 


However, what makes Progeny Press different from other literature study guides is that Progeny Press uses Biblical teachings, backed with scripture, to tie the story into practical lessons. While many books contain content or beliefs that do not align with Christian beliefs, Progeny Press guides direct students to instead study what God says about such things so they will be better prepared and strong in their faith when they face such behavior, language, and philosophy in life.  



Progeny Press literature guides break the assigned book into weekly reading assignments. Students read the assigned chapters and then they complete different activities that correlate with what they have read.  These activities fall into four categories to help expand the student's knowledge about what they have read.

First, vocabulary activities help to introduce words that might be unfamiliar to the student in ways that help with retention.  These questions can be matching the word with a definition as well as asking the students to use the word in a sentence of their own choosing.
Second, reading comprehension questions are used to be sure the student is understanding what they are reading.  These are both direct questions that can be answered straight from the reading as well as questions that require the student to think about what they read and determine why a character might have done an action, thought the way they did, or what they might do in the future. These questions also include asking students to paraphrase quotes from the story as well.

Next, literary techniques that are used by the author are introduced with activities that help the student understand concepts such as alliteration, metaphors, conflict, compare and contrast, mood and coming of age. 
Character Values and Moral Lesson help the student recognize traits that either honor God or that conflict with Christian beliefs or living, such as acceptance, honoring parents, lying,  patience, and dealing with fear.  Students are given Biblical references that correlate with the values being taught to solidify what God says and how they relate to the situation the characters in the book find themselves in.  
Finally, suggested activities and writing assignments are offered to expand that help to expand on the book.  These included field trip suggestions, plant research, creative writing assignments, discussions about safety, research topics, and science connections that can be used to tie in with the book.  Additional reading selections that can tie in or are similar to the novel being read are also suggested. 

How We Used The Literature Guide

For this review, we were given the digital e-book versions of the interactive literature guide as well as the digital answer key that corresponds with the guide for both books.  For the review period, we opted to use the Redwall Study Guide.   The guide for Redwall is written by Janice and Robert DeLong. This  interactive guide is a 75 page PDF file that can either be printed out for the student or it can be used on a computer.  The guide is formatted in such a way that the student has the ability to type answers and use drop down selections to answer the material and then print the pages, which was extremely convenient for us as Garrett prefers this method.  This makes for a great option if you have a student who either dislikes writing or just prefers typing over using a pen/pencil. 

Much like the Redwall Study Guide, the Cricket in Time Square study guide is also a PDF file that can be printed out or used on the computer. This guide is 52 pages in length and is written by Andrew Clausen.  This guide also focuses on the same format as the Redwall study, but includes activities that include opera music, cooking Chinese food and using chopsticks to eat it. 

Incorporating the literature guide into our daily work was easy.  The kids and I would read the required chapters on Monday and Tuesday, then spend the rest of the week working on the activities and questions that go with the reading. This worked really well for us. 
As a homeschooling parent, I really enjoy using the Progeny Press study guides with the kids. They really help the children to understand the literature they are reading and dig deeper than just reading the story. I also really appreciate the Christian perspective the guides use that help to really tie Christian teaching into the study, because it gives my kids the opportunity to see how scripture teaching can be used in a real world setting.  
For more information about Progeny Press and the large selection of study guides for literature that they offer, be sure to visit their website.  You can also find more information by visiting the company's social media sites:

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