Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Back at it

We ended up taking yesterday off as I had some errands to run in town. Town for us is a good 40 minute drive one way so anytime we go to town, its an all day excursion as we do everything we got to do in that one trip. Gas prices in California make it so that frequent trips to town are not an option.

Today we picked up where we left off last week. The kids got through their daily drills pretty quickly as it has become a habit to them now. After drill, we worked on phonics and reading. I had picked up a 5 part Phonics unit  from Currclick back when they had their big sale and so we began using it. The kids had a great time working with it as they have learned to sound out words and were reading very well for their first lesson with the unit.  Both kids have really improved their writing skills just in the first three weeks of school and seem to enjoy writing words that they know.

After phonics, we started our math unit. This chapter is addition, something the kids have been working on for a while with the drills so it came pretty easy to them. We've also been working on skip counting by 2s and recognizing what number comes before and after a stated number. Garrett seems to be having a bit of difficulty with the later as he keeps wanting to name the number following the given number but I have no doubt that as we practice it  he will understand and pick it up quickly.

Continuing our discussion of habitats, we discussed the desert today. This is a pretty easy one for the kids as they have lived in the middle of a desert for the last 4 years. We also reviewed our previous habitats (forest, wetlands and oceans).

Finally for history we discussed the making of mummies. While I wish we could do one of the projects of making our own mummy out of apples, we decided to skip this particular project as I am scared of the idea of fruit flies or bugs being attracted to a decaying piece of fruit..

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