Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Same stuff.. different days

I keep forgetting to come on here and blog what we've done, mainly because the last few days have mostly been book work and not really anything fun or worth talking about.

This week we've been talking about habitats.. Desert, Ocean, Wetlands, and Forests.. Kids are picking it up pretty quickly and we should be testing on it come Friday. We don't really have any fun activities planned for this chapter to be honest, just reading from the book, discussing what we're reading and doing worksheets to go along with it. I will be glad once this chapter is finished..

We took our first math test today and both kids scored 100% on it. Testing went alot easier today. I brought Ashleigh into the testing room first so that she knew what was going on, as last test day resulted in a complete meltdown. We will start Chapter 2 on Addition tomorrow.

The kids also started copywork using the Scribe program. We started with the California unit so that we can incorporate a California history unit along with the copy work.

WE have also stalled a bit with SOTW and decided to stay with the Ancient Egypt unit, since the kids enjoy it so much. Yesterday we put together another element of the lapbook that we are working on and then either tomorrow or  Friday we will make some Egyptian bracelets and necklaces.

Overall, its been a good week and the kids are doing  great with everything I've thrown at them thus far.

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