Friday, September 12, 2014

Frustration at its best

Today started off pretty good.. Kids had a good laugh at the fact that mom has printed the morning drill on the wrong paper (instead of white, I had loaded yellow paper from printing out a project on Ziggarat's for
Yellow Morning Drill
Monday and forgot i had the yellow paper in the tray). The kids thought that was so funny and we decided to leave the drill as it was and enjoy the unexpected splash of color to our day. Got through the morning drills no problem. We also added a second drill sheet to the routine today, just to give us some variety.

Our fun activity for today was to start learning our phone number.. First we used a quick activity that I had picked up from Teachers Pay Teachers (Man I love that site) from a wonderful find on Pinterest (another site I spend way too much time on).  We had a discussion about how dialing a specific series of numbers can call specific people, then worked on writing our own phone number. We had a picture of a phone and practiced hitting the numbers in order for our own phone number. Once the kids had a rather good understanding as our own number, we had alot of fun using Google voice to call our home phone. This also allowed us to work on phone etiquette when both calling someone and answering the phone.  The kids took turns calling the home number, answering the phone and talking to each other.

Ash receives her first phone call

Garrett using Google to make a call
Following our phone assignment, we worked on our reading skills. The kids finished the -AT words and read aloud the last two poems for that section. Next week we will begin on the -AD and -AS words.. 

I probably should have waited til the last of the day to do the phone assignment because changing tempo back to math proved to be very difficult for Ashleigh. Without a doubt, today proved to be the most frustrating math assignment in the month we've been back at school. Today we worked on basic algebraic equations using addition  (ei: 3+X=5). Ashleigh decided she really did not want to participate at all in today's math assignment and while we did manage to get through it, it took nearly an hour to complete one worksheet (granted, it had about 30 problems all together). Ashleigh obviously is going to take after her mom when it comes to math, I hated it as well in school. Garrett however, picks it up like a duck to water.

We are suppose to test today over our Unit 2 in Science (Habitats) but I'm thinking I may put it off til tomorrow. I'm going to allow the kids to have some free time, especially after that math assignment and then see how they are before I make a final decision.

Also, since I forgot to blog yesterday, i should mention that we received our second post card from the post card swap we are a member of. Yesterday's post card was from the State of Texas, which is my home state.. Once again, the kids located Texas on their map, then we discussed the Texas flag and the bluebonnets that were displayed on the front of the card. We learned that Texas is the second  most populous state after California and what the three colors on the flag represent.  We also located Houston, Dallas and San Antonio on our map.
Making me miss home!!!

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