Thursday, September 18, 2014

First Spelling Test

Today was a pretty easy day for the kids.. They've been working so hard this month that I decided they could have a fun day after a small bit of schooling.

We continued with our reading of Charlotte's Web and managed to get through two more chapters while the kids worked on both their coloring page and another word search.  Then we moved on to our daily drill and got that out of the way.  Kids are right not on an exciting count down to the first day of fall on Monday and I will be planning some neat units regarding fall such as special activities, units on things like bats, pumpkins, apples and Halloween and stuff like that since they are so excited.

To end the day, we did our first spelling test. Kids have been working on words that end in  -AS, -AD, and -AN so we had our first test over these words. We also had one bonus word (THE) and the kids did great.. Garrett missed one word, I think he thought I was saying the word AM instead of AN, even though I used it in a sentence but he did get the bonus word correctly so he got a 100%. Ash got all her words correct and scored a 110%. Can't complain about that I guess. :)
First spelling test.. Ashleigh usually has nicer handwriting  then Garrett but not this time.. lol

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