Monday, October 20, 2014

Boys will be boys.

We had a really productive day today, even if the kids had a serious case of the giggles.

First, we celebrated the first grading period being over with by cleaning out our notebooks and starting over. The kids are amazed at how much they have done but they were concerned I was going to throw it all out.I assured them that the stack of work would go into a box and we would hang on to it for now.

Pretty straight forward day today. We started with our usual daily drill and then did a quick maze for Halloween. Ashleigh took a few minutes to figure out the rules of a maze as she just wanted to draw a straight line from point A to Point B and didn't understand. After a bit of explanation, she got it and they enjoyed doing it.   Then we worked on vowel recognition and touched a bit on sentence structure.

Now that we're done with phonics and are started to read and sound out words, I figured now was the right time to start our Spelling work. We're starting with Spelling Workout Level A by Modern Curriculum Press. Rather than start at the beginning that is basically just writing letters, we skipped to Chapter 6 and picked up from there.  The lessons are a bit more simplistic then I would like, but its a good start for them.  Today's lesson was Words that Begin and End with the letters S, T, and B. Their word list is tub, bus, bat, see, sit, and us and they will have a spelling test over those words tomorrow before we move on to the next lesson.

We're just about done with our chapter in Math over basic addition and should be able to test for it on Friday (fingers crossed). I think they should do fine on it, as we've been doing alot of various exercises to get alot of practice in. However, we hit a small bump in the road today. I don't know what it is about boys... but for some reason, my son (who is 8 mind you) decided that he was going to draw boobies on his answers. So, if it was the number 10, the O was suddenly a boob and if it was the number 8, it was too boobs.. As boobs are not a typical thing Garrett is exposed to in our house, it rather took be my surprise. My husband assures me that its just a boy thing and not worry about it, but we will see how long the numbers are altered. Hopefully it's just a passing phase.

Finally, the kids helped me in the kitchen today making both homemade hummus and bruchetta.  They really like measuring ingredients and putting them in the blender or bowl.. The bruchetta is now "resting" for dinner and we had a nice snack of some of the hummus and baby carrots. This was a pleasant surprise as we normally buy hummus (I couldn't find Tahini and ended up ordering some) and the kids won't touch it. Homemade is so much better tasting and it was obvious for the kids. Or maybe it was because they got to help make it, I don't know.. LOL

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