Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekly Wrapup

Very productive day today.. Kids did great and I'm happy with how the end of our first semester has turned out.. Kids are learning by leaps and bounds and even on our off days, we're at least accomplishing stuff, which makes me happy..

We skipped drills today and did a few other activities instead. First, we did a quick worksheet that enforced beginning and ending sounds for things having to do with Halloween. Without hardly any coaching, the kids
Autumn Dot to Dot Fun
completed that worksheet within a couple of minutes and quickly were ready to move on to the next thing. We follow that up with a dot to dot activity that had them counting to 50. The resulting picture was of an Autumn leaf and so they decided to color it red.

For reading we read the story "Bees and The Mud" from the book Mouse Soup by Arnold Lobel. Then we quickly got through with our math assignment. I told them if they got through the math assignment that we could play the "POP" game and that was a huge hit with the both of them. Garrett (who is normally really good at math) decided he just wanted to get the POP cards and not really try to answer anything, but Ashleigh did a great job and had well over 15 cards before she finally pulled a POP card and lost it all. They had alot of fun and we ended before we actually
Doing Math (Excuse the bad hair)
declared a winner this time around.  We then finished up Chapter 3 of Science and discussed how plants use camouflage and spines in order to protect themselves from animals.  We will be taking our science test once my eldest daughter gets home from school (as I don't like leaving either one of them unattended while I bring the other in the back room and I can't test them together as they cheat.. lol).

We had a few surprises in our mailbox that had the kids pretty excited. The first was our monthly mail from "Sam and Sophia".  We've been subscribing to Little Passports for some time now and this month was from Kenya. Included in our package this month was a small pad of scratch paper,
Elephant Poop Paper
a bit bigger than a pad of Post It notes. Imagine the kids surprise when we read that the paper was made of recycled Elephant poop. We went online to the website for the company who made the paper and looked at how its made. Still kinda ewwwww but it was really neat..  They also received the first of this month's post cards from our Post Card
Ash points to Wisconsin
Swap that we are in. Today's post card was from Wisconsin and was from a little girl named Abby. We went to our map and found Wisconsin and then pinned our postcard up with the first 5 that we received last month.

Finally, we had a no so pleasant surprise last night.. About 3am last night, our smoke alarms started to go off. I guess the battery in my daughter's alarm is low or something (even though they were changed not that long ago) and since all the alarms are hooked up to the same system, they all stated going off. (Why do these types of things always happen in the week early hours I have no clue)..  It took Ashleigh alot of convincing that there was not a fire and that we were okay.

Today's postcard from Wisconsin
Tonight I think the kids will attend their first High School football game. Today is the homecoming for the school on base and my oldest daughter's boyfriend is on the varsity team (Dear Lord, I am not ready for boyfriends.. haha). We thought maybe we would walk down and go watch the game and get out of the house for a bit. The school isn't a very far walk, might take us a total of 20 minutes to walk there and I think they would have fun watching the game and listening to the band. Tomorrow is the homecoming dance and my daughter is going to meet her boyfriend there (She's only 15 so she is not allowed to date. Her options are either I drop her off and pick her up or she doesn't go at all..).

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