Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Moving Right Along

Kids really weren't up to doing much today but surprisingly we ended up getting all of our work done. It was pretty touch and go for a bit though. So far our good days have outweighed the bad ones and even our bad one's haven't been too bad so I shouldn't complain at all. Last year was a complete headache to get Garrett to sit down and do any paperwork at all, so just the fact he's doing writing is a plus, for sure.

Garrett's Spelling Test
We started the day with our typical daily drill. This is when I knew things weren't going to go as planned as they were just blurting out random answers to things they already know. (Example: They would say its September instead of October, even though they've been counting the days to Halloween and know its in October. ) We managed to get through drill, albeit it too alot longer than usual, and we decided to get the pop quiz spelling test done sooner than later.. Both kids did well, although Garrett needs to work on his "S" as he tends to write it backwards when he's in a hurry. Same with Ashleigh with the lower case "b". Both kids made a 100, spelling all 6 words correctly but neither got the bonus word "Book".. As it hasn't been one of our spelling words at all, I would have just been really impressed if they got it but am okay that they missed it (might use it as a bonus again later this week, as they learned the word "Hook" today.)

After the spelling popquiz, we did lesson 7 from our Spelling workbook. Today's words were Hat, Map, Pin, Hook, Hop and Stop. Kids actually did really well with this and flew through todays lesson.
A few of our spelling pages from today

Today's math was adding simple cents together.. The kids have basic concepts of money, so this was pretty easy for them. We did have the return of the "boobies" with the number 10 but it wasn't as much of a distraction today as it was yesterday. (Thank Goodness).. We're on schedule with our math assignments so we should be testing on Friday.. Fingers crossed.. and then moving on to chapter 3 on Monday.

Finally, we began Chapter 4 in our Science book, which is covering life cycles. Today we discussed the life cycle of a frog and I really wish I could find a place to get tadpoles to allow the kids to observe it but outside of mail order, not much options. Plus, any frog that we would grow would have to be kept as a pet as there's no water here for them to live. (We have toads,
Ashleigh's cute Tadpole
that's about it).  We watched a few quick videos about the frog life cycle and then called it a day.

Oooh, I forgot to mention this weekend was homecoming for my oldest daughter's school. Friday night was the football game so we decided to have a good time out of the house. We walked down to the school (its only about a mile from the house) and stayed to watch the first half of the game as well as the halftime show. 
Can you tell it was windy?? lol
We left shortly after as it was starting to get cold and windy and plus we didn't want to be walking home at 11pm at night.. The kids had fun watching the game and getting to see the cheerleaders and the band.. Then, Saturday night my oldest daughter got all gussied up and I drove her to the homecoming dance for a few hours, then picked her up. (She's only 15 so I do not allow her to date). She met a boy from her class there. They are just friends at this point which works for me.. haha

The oldest all dressed up for her dance

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