Tuesday, November 18, 2014

This week is shot..

Not a whole lot of learning going on this week... Well, I take that back, we're still learning, just not anything that's in our text books.

The entire household is sick this week. Even Dad, who is usually the last person to get sick, its currently in bed sleeping as he's been sent home from work and had to go to the doctor and has been put on quarters. Both little kids are sick as well and they are currently sleeping after a dosage of medicine to try to help them feel better.  The only one in our house not sick is Alyssa and I have a feeling its only a matter of time, being that 4 out of 5 people are pretty dang sick.  

But the kids have been in good spirits about it at least.  Garrett has been building worlds on his video game and Ashleigh stays curled up with mom as much as possible.

So we've been using this week to work on reading and spelling. The kids have been picking and choosing words and are spelling them out as a fun game between the two of them and have been doing really well with it. We got some new readers from Scholastic a few days ago so they are having fun reading independently during quiet times.  

At least we don't feel completely useless in the school front.

Here's hoping everyone starts feeling better soon..

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