Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cooking with Garrett

Today Garrett decided to help me out in the kitchen. You would think in a house with two girls (one of whom is a teenager) that they would be the ones wanting to spend time in the kitchen with me but it is usually my son who joins me in the food preparation for dinner.  Today we decided to make Buffalo Chicken Taquitos.

Earlier today I boiled some chicken breasts along with some vegetables to make chicken broth for later this week and had let the chicken cool so other than mixing things up and assembling, the hard part was already done.   (Please excuse his shirtlessness - he cannot stand to wear a shirt in the house).

Mixing up Chicken Wing Sauce

Shredding Chicken

Mixing everything together with rice cooking in the background

Putting taquitos on the baking sheet

He even made drink mix while the food was cooking

Nice and Crispy

Big smile for a Job Well Done!!!
Our Dinner for Tonight - Courtesy of Garrett

The Recipe:

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  1. Looks like time well spent. Quality time for the both of you. I know I use to ask questions watch and help cook when I was young. I learned from Mabel Winfry, an African American woman that helped when my parents split up. I lived w/ my dad and I'm glad she was there. I don't believe my dad ever cooked anything but breakfast in his life. Anyway, that's where my skills came from and boy have they been a blessing. I traveled for work all my, which isn't conducive to long lasting relationships and I hadn't found any girls in the 13 yrs I lived in California between 19 - 33 that could cook anyway. I finally got married in Las Vegas and she asked me to teach her to cook.

    Anyway, I'm just sayin', it won't hurt to know how to cook Garrett. Until you get married, you will be on your own plenty. Even when you do get married, you can show her how to cook some of the things you like. Lastly, when you have children of your own, it will be fun and time well spent w/ them if you cook for/with them sometimes, not to mention the help it will be on your wife. :) :) :) I always regretted not learning to bake deserts ........... food for thought :) :) :)


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