Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We Have Plants

With all the gardening going on and with Spring right around the corner, we decided to start the kids on learning about plants. As I mentioned yesterday, I ordered Apologia's botany class and it should be here later this week. (We absolutely love Apologia's Science curriculum and find that it is really in depth without being over the kids heads).  Well, imagine our surprise when we finished our lessons and went to take a picture of the Aeropods for our "Grow Diary" and found not one but three pods with small seedlings growing. Last night before bed the kids checked them and there wasn't anything breaking the surface of the soil so finding the small plants today was definitely a highlight.

I haven't really been documenting too much of our school activity lately but that's because much of what we've been working with are going to be highlighted in upcoming reviews.   However, we have been working hard with a new math program and with a science supplement . We've also been working hard on independent reading and on writing.  I purchased Startwrite 6 over the weekend so that I could start making my own practice sheets for their daily writing. They despise copywork so it is my hopes that by being able to make custom sheets with photos of their activities and their names, that they will be more inclined to work on them (which seemed to work well today).

Worksheet with a picture of the kids that I took yesterday.
The same picture.. Enjoying grass that normally is not in our back yard. LOL 

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