Sunday, February 8, 2015

We Will Just Call This a Field Trip

Yesterday we loaded up in the car early and headed down to Pomona for the NHRA Winternationals. We were fortunate to receive three free tickets from an organization who gives tickets to military and so we bought two more tickets and made the 2 hour trek to go watch some race cars and have a day of fun.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see much racing as halfway through the first round, it started drizzling and didn't stop and so the races were cancelled.  However, we turned a disaster into a fun lesson about how oil and water do not mix, how water on the track at 250 miles per hour would not be a good thing and how that same rain would be like bullets at that speed.  Turned out to be a very educational experience for them.

Since the racing was shut down, alot of the racers themselves came out into the pits and were interacting with the fans. Ashleigh wanted to meet a few of the female racers and so we ventured out into the pits to see who we could find. She ended up getting to meet Ashley Sanford and Leah Pritchett. We also got to meet Cruz Pedregon and Jack Beckman before we picked up our first hot dogs from Pink's (who is a staple in Los Angeles) and headed back to the stands to enjoy our lunch. Shortly after, they announced the races were cancelled but we still had fun.   Since it was more educational then entertainment (due to the rain) I guess we'll just call this one a Field Trip ;)

For those of yall who are photographers and who are looking at these pictures going it looks really bright - most of these were shot at ISO 1600, f/5.6 1/4000 and I had to really do alot of postwork in lightroom.. It was barely 2pm and they were already having to raise the lights it was so dark and cloudy :(

Vasquez Rocks on the way to Pomona
The Direct TV Blimp

Guess what kids.. These cars are made out of wood  (Look at Alyssa's face - WHAT?)

Kids with one of the cars in the Staging area

Tim Wilkerson tearing up the track

Garrett and Alyssa

Ashleigh absolutely LOVED the races

Meeting Jack Beckman

Meeting Ashley Sanford

Ashleigh claims Ashley is now her favorite driver

The family with Cruz Pedregon

Ashleigh with Leah Pritchett

Enjoying Pinks Hotdogs

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