Monday, November 7, 2016

November To-Do List (52 Lists)

Once Halloween is over, it seems like the final two months of the year are always a blur of constant planning and preparing.   Between Thanksgiving, the Advent Season, Christmas and New Years, it seems like the last few weeks of the year goes by so quickly.

52 lists with Chasing Slow

For week 44 of the 52 weeks of Lists hosted by Beauty full Slow, we were asked to list our November To-Do List.

  • Fall Back - Time to Turn the clocks back (and hope the kids reset their internal clock to adjust for the extra hour)
  • Order new Advent Candles for our Wreath
  • Fill our Operation Shoebox box.. (this is our first year participating in this and are pretty excited about seeing where our box goes)
  • Gather reading materials to be read each week of the Advent season
  • Start planning out our  Thanksgiving Dinner Menu
  • Wind down the Homeschool Crew Year and get ready for a few weeks break
  • Figure out what Christmas decorations we will use and what we will replace or add to our display
  • Bring out the Christmas tree and Advent Wreath for decorating
  • Find out where I am on my reading challenge and adjust my schedule to make sure I meet my goal
  • Start planning for Christmas gifts (4 for each kid - something they need, something to read, something they want and something to wear)
  • TRY to get the house clean.. (which almost never happens)

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