Friday, January 13, 2017

Middle (Five Minute Friday)

I'm so happy to see that even with the New Year, the Five Minute Friday linkup is still going.  (Now if I can just find someone starting up the 52 Lists for this year, I'll be happy)..   If your not familiar with the Five Minute Friday linkup, it's hosted by Kate at the blog Heading Home. Each week, Kate invites other bloggers to reflect and write for five minutes on a word for that week.

If your interested in joining up, by all means, click on the graphic below and join in the fun.

This week, the word given was "Middle"..  My five minutes starts NOW!!

The word middle makes me think of a number of things, but the one thing that comes to mind is "Middle Aged", which is where I am now.   And when I look back on my life and where I am in it, I realize that it went faster than I think it should have and I really didn't accomplish nearly the amount of things I wanted to achieve before I reached this point in my life.

It hasn't been all bad, for sure.  But I had dreams of accomplishing huge things, flying airplanes and making a comfortable living for myself and fill a passport with foreign travel.  Even now, we struggle from time to time, living paycheck to paycheck.. We only have the one car (hopefully we will finally have two in a few months), on paycheck, we live in government owned housing (We're military living on base LOL) ..  One would think we would have at least bought a house by now! LOL

But, it's okay, because, it's called "Middle Aged" for a reason. It means there's still time for me to achieve things - I could go to school tomorrow and start studying to become a doctor.. I could get my pilots license and soar high above the earth..  I still have time to travel to Scotland and Ireland  And eventually, Charles will be out of the military and we will have a home of our own or maybe we'll buy one of those "little houses" that we can pull behind a pickup truck and have a new view every day.



  1. Middle age can be a little daunting. I am there, too. Thanks for the reminder that there is so much life left to live. Though none of us knows how much time we have, we must live everyday to the fullest and not give up on the dreams God has given us. Thanks for sharing on FMF!

  2. I love your outlook on middle age. Nothing has passed you by. There is definitely so much you still can do. Here's hoping that second car comes to you all soon, and those trips to Ireland and Scotland! :) Also please thank your husband for his service.

  3. I like your positive attitude- there is definitely still time to achieve things. I live in Scotland and you should definitely visit some time! Visiting from FMF.


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