Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Military Families Bible (A Review)

As a military family, we have special needs that civilian families typically don't understand.  For example, one day your husband can come home with a piece of paper and without any warning, your in the whirlwind of packing up your household and moving to an unknown place. Or that same piece of paper can tell you that you and your children will have to give up your military member for a year to a year and a half as they go overseas to the Middle East.  

I've been in these positions.  I've watched as my ex husband went on deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan. I've received the phone call that something terrible had happened to him and that they didn't know if he was going to be okay (luckily, he was fine - he fell from a helicopter and had a head injury)..   Years later, my now husband is also a military member in the United States Air Force, which means our family is use to long hours, cancelled plans and the unknown.

These special needs of a military family also represents a special spiritual need. As a military family, we place our loved ones in God's hands each day and we put our faith in Him to keep them safe and sound and to help support us while they are gone.  Many nights (and days) are spent on our knees praying, crying and thanking the Lord.   The Lord is always there for us - even when our non military friends don't understand or maybe say the wrong thing when trying to support us (ie: I know how you're feeling, my husband went away on a business trip last weekend and I was so alone). The Lord always has words of comfort for us - we just have to open the pages of his Word and it's all there for us.

The Military Families Bible from Holman Bible Publishers provides a beautiful presentation of God's Word designed for the military family.  Using the Holman, Christian Standard Bible translation (HCSB), this stunning Navy, Crimson and Cream leathertouch  softcover Holy Bible shows patriotism in a very subtle way rather than the typical "in your face" red, white and blue.

Between the covers, you will find the entire text of the Holy Bible as well as words of encouragement from Award-winning authors and from US Army Chaplain Col. John D. Lang as devotions followed by a prayer that are each pinpoint the special spiritual needs of the military family, regardless of branch or rank.

This Bible is perfect for taking the services on Sunday as well as to place on the nightstand beside your bed when you need to feel the Lord's strength with you.  And as it is presented in a hard presentation box, this Bible would also make a great gift for any friend or family member who's loved one is in the military.

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