Sunday, October 21, 2018

Weekly Meal Planning

The weekend is almost over and that means another week of meals planned ahead for the family. We cook care of the shopping for the next 10 days yesterday as we ended up NOT going to the museum due to sick kiddos all week.  Now the fridge and freezer and all packed up, the pantry is stocked and the menu is set, at least until Halloween ;) 

There has been a new development this week that will put some changes into how I am planning meals.  I decided to join Weight Watchers this week to help me start to shed some of the excess pounds that I have put on over the last 20 years.. I've made huge improvements over my body composition by working out every day but haven't achieved the weight loss that I would have liked so far.  I'm hoping that this will be the tool I need to start getting the scale to move in the right direction.

This means I now have to count points.  For my height and weight, I am given 23 points a day.  So meals will have to be worked around those points.  I've spent the last couple of days learning how it works and will hit it full force starting today.  So on my weekly planning you'll see a number in parenthesis following the meal.  This is an indicator of how many smart points that particular meal and is more a note to myself.  (I actually did count points yesterday for In-N-Out lol)

Saturday (10/20)
In-n-out  (21sp)   (I splurged and had a double double protein style with 1/4 of an order of fries)

Sunday (10/21)
Tuscan chicken pasta with spinach and broiled tomatoes (9sp)

Monday (10/22)
Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti Casserole with Salad and steamed broccoli (12sp)

Tuesday (10/23)
Stuffed Peppers with roasted acorn squash and salad (9sp)

Wednesday (10/24)
Pot Roast with carrots, potatoes and salad  (8sp)

Thursday (10/25)
Deep Dish Pizza Casserole with grapes, baby carrots and salad (7sp)

Friday (10/26)
Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches with fruit and rice crisps (10sp)

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