Thursday, September 19, 2019

Weekend Meal Planning (Late Edition)

I'm posting this a few days late (okay, a lot of days late - as in a few minutes it will officially be Friday lol )  but Sunday was not a good day.. After waking up at 330am and driving to the Los Angeles airport, I once again put my husband on a plane and sent him off for military training.   We will be separated for yet another month (he just got back from a 6 week training in Texas back in June), having him return in mid October. 

So, while he's gone, we will again be eating fairly cheap.   While the military takes care of his hotel and even rented a car for him while he's there,  we have to pay for his meals out of pocket until we are reimbursed.  This means having to budget for twice the amount of meals.  I'm trying to keep things fairly healthy (although  I admit hot pockets don't fall into that category) but I'm sticking to very simple meals while he is away.

Sunday - Lasagna with french bread and salad

Monday - Hot Pockets with Chips (Garrett's request)

Tuesday - Tostadas with mexican rice and Salad

Wednesday - Steak Bites with mushrooms and tomatoes with Baked potato and broccoli

Thursday - Personal homemade Caprice pizza with salad  (pepperoni and cheese for kids)

Friday - lemony tuna and olive oil pasta with salad

Saturday - BBQ chicken sandwiches with chips

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