Friday, September 20, 2019

Weekly Wrapup - Week Three of School

The kids had a pretty easy week this week.  First, I was so exhausted on Monday from lack of sleep from Sunday that I decided to take a "teachers work day" and instead go take care of grocery shopping and other running around that needed to be down in town.  Then I was lacking a few things I needed for our science lessons this week, so I decided to put science off til next week..   Today, my internet doesn't want to cooperate and only seems to want to load facebook and websites run by Google, so the math courses they are working on were out of the question..   I warned them not to get use to it, as next week, we will be back to the same schedule we had the last two weeks (before this bad week) as well as adding Music Theory and 5th Grade Math to their lineup.. lol

Ashleigh practicing her 5 finger scales on the piano. 

Watching Episode 1 of Drive Thru History : American History after our lessons on Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci and Sir Walter Riley in our history lessons the last three weeks.

Ashleigh beginning working on a new math review for Smartick.

Garrett listening to classical music with  his Soundsory headset 

Week Three of his Architecture lessons.

Working on IEW's Fix It Grammar Week 2

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