Thursday, April 9, 2020

Weekend Meal Planning (Late Edition)

I tell you - these few weeks have been crazy!!!   Sure, we're stuck at home but that surely doesn't mean a relaxing vacation by any means..  The stress level has been unreal - especially living on a military base that keeps threatening a full lockdown.. 

So, my days have been filled with trying to plan meals around what I have already in the fridge, making facemasks for families on base, trying to accomplish something that resembles homeschooling, keeping the household running, trying to help ease the minds of my friends on base, and still try to take some time for enrichment for myself, whether thru reading, meditation, paper crafting or even listening to lectures.

I have still be managing to feed the family, although not nearly as healthy as I would like.  I'm dreading stepping on the scale when this is all over lol    We are making a habit of ordering food from the Club on base once a week - they offer a family dinner for $22 that provides plenty of food for curbside pickup and it allows us to help support base businesses.  Last week we had smoked brisket, mashed potatoes, corn, and rolls.  I added a salad and was happy with it.. They also offer fried chicken and meatloaf dinners as well.

Sunday:  Pan Fried Sea Bass with couscous  and salad

Monday: Pizza

Tuesday: Chicken cacciatore with angelhair pasta and salad

Wednesday:  Salmon patties, kale chips, green beans and mac and cheese

Thursday: Spinach Lasagna Rolls with Salad and steamed broccoli

Friday:  Take out from Club Muroc

Saturday: Goulash with Salad

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