Sunday, April 19, 2020

Weekend Meal Planning

We are still under a Safe-At-Home order and it looks as if it will be that way for another month (Los Angeles County is ordered until May 19th). I don't know how things are where you are at, but here, I am going stir crazy.  I was really hoping to go to Death Valley during the super bloom this year for some camping and hiking - unfortunately those plans were overrode.  Being on the base, we have what is called HPCon (healthcare condition).  Right now, we are in HPcon Charlie, but they have been saying that we can go up to HP Con Delta at any moment, which will cause the lockdown of the base.  If we were to go off base and the base goes into lock down, we would only have a short period to return to base.  Death valley does not have cell service so we wouldn't know to return and could be outside of the return window.  Not a chance we want to take.   So, we're staying on base, wearing masks everywhere we go.

My husband Charlie, wearing his mask, shows that we are in HP Con Charlie

This week, I'll be trying to use up food that is already in my kitchen.  For example, I had planned for a while to make Manhattan clam chowder but for whatever reasons, we never got to it.  It's currently in the pot along with some crusty bread.  Same for a chinese chicken salad I had planned - it will get done this week.  I've got frozen salmon, tilapia and flounder in the freezer that also needs to be used up, and some beef for cheesesteaks ready to go.. So, this week, I'm challenging myself to use up a good portion of the stuff I already have so that I can restock with fresh foods next week. 

Saturday -  Thai Chicken Pizza with cucumbers and cilantro with salad

Sunday - Manhattan style Clam Chowder with crusty bread

Monday - Toasted Sesame Ginger Salmon with baby carrots, broccoli and rice

Tuesday - Philly Cheesesteak potato bar and salad

Wednesday - Blackened Tilapia with roasted new potatoes and salad.

Thursday -  Dinner from Club Muroc

Friday -  Chinese chicken salad

Saturday - Navy beans and ham with salad

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