Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Settling In (Wordless Wednesday)

Slowly but surly, we are getting thru all the (what seems like 200) boxes that came with us from Edwards.  My garage looks like an explosion at the moment but thankfully today is "bulk trash" day, so we were able to put tons of empty broken down boxes at the street to get rid of those that have already been unpacked.

With moving boxes comes packing paper.  This is without a doubt the worst part of the unpacking process.  Poor Kenny was heartbroken that I was dealing with paper instead of paying attention to him.

Almost done setting up the home gym.  Sadly, my rower screen is no longer working (and I've only had it for a year now).. We put in a claim with the TMO, so hopefully we will get the full value of the machine so that I can either have the screen repaired or replaced.

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